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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Finally, some progress

I've been very busy this year with Round Robins so have not had much time to stitch on my Scarlet Letter Sampler.  I also have a Joan Elliott piece I really want to finish this year.

But I have a week or two before the next RR arrives so I thought I'd break out the English Transitional Sampler and put a few evenings in on it.

I have completed 70% of this band's outline now then I can move on to using ANOTHER COLOUR dun-dun-derrrrr!  By the way, this is actually quite big in real life, on here it looks rather small and unimpressive.  Next time I will put something in for scale.

Have you all seen Evalina's lovely M. Quertier finish on Blog One now?  She has amended the charted initials to those of herself, Marsha, Nicola and me!!  How amazing is that, to be immortalised in someone else's sampler?

This made me wonder about signing samplers, most people use their initials if not their whole name but do you use your full initials or just your first and surname?  My middle name is Mary so I usually sign JMP if there is room but if I'm splitting the initials on either side of a motif I just sign JP.  On my round robins I usually put Joanne because Jo is such a silly short name!
How about you?  Do you use your middle name?  Do you like your middle name?  Is it a family name or just a name your parents liked?


Bethany said...

I am always amazed to see how each person begins their samplers. Learning new tricks along the way. I always love doing band samplers, they seem to go a lot faster, as they are not as wide.

Faye said...

Often I will put my first and last name initials..... Interesting how people might do it differently.... I love this piece also!!!

Angela CG said...

Since I have a hyphenated name I use those three letters (acg) usually skipping my middle name (even though I do like it).

Rachel F said...

Your band sampler looks lovely! I hope you get the time you are hoping for to keep stitching on it.
It was such a dear idea of Evalina to put your initials and Nicola's on her MQ! What a wonderful way to comemorate this exciting blog and two people who have worked so hard to make it work!
As for initials, i have stitched too few things to have experience, but I always use 3 initials for anything requiring initials. At my jobs there has always been a RF. So I went from REF to RFF after marriage. My middle name was after my maternal grandmother, so I felt bad dropping it, but wanted to keep my maiden name.

Krista said...

Great new start, Jo! I have used my initials both ways, sometimes with the middle sometimes without. I guess it depends on how much room I have left!

Nicola said...

It's definitely flattering and a lovely idea too :o))

I never use my middle names NMVP is too many initials. I didn't take my husband's name when we married but we are both "P's" so they would not have changed.

Vera said...

Nice progress Jo. I've done both two initials and three depending on space available. Since I'm named after my mother and aunt, my mom's and my two initials are the same (my last initial didn't change when I married), so when possible I used 3 to distinguish from my mom.