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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dorothy Progress 6

The band of eyelets is done, hurray! I am on to the next challenging band, the bargello. The frame is done in black, now I am going to fill in the colors.  I will enjoy doing the bargello, love the play of colors!

A closer look at these eyelets!

Hope to finish the bargello band fast, I am eager to go on to the flowers. These are gorgeous blooms and they are what attract me to this sampler.

I am enjoying all the finishes and wips here, so beautiful and inspiring!



Krista said...

Beautiful progress! Great work on the eyelets! The colors are so fantastic in this sampler, must be fun to work on!

Lanie said...

Lovely, Ellen! I cannot get enough of this sampler! ... the eyelets, the Bargello, and of course the flower section ... simply beautiful!

Vera said...

This is so beautiful Ellen -- gorgeous progress. I must add this to my stash (along with so many others...).

Joanne O'H said...

Ellen, your progress is wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing more photos.

Nicola said...

Oh Dorothy looks so pretty. I can understand your excitement at getting closer to the flowers they are what attract me most to the sampler too.

Bethany said...

The colors on Dorothy look so vivid and bright. Looking great.