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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Good evening, afternoon or morning.  I hoped to show you progress on the Ann Thompson oval sampler but I still can't figure out how to upload the pictures on this new computer.  The guru is stopping over tomorrow, so perhaps tomorrow night I'll have some interesting photos of a reproduction in the works.  Meanwhile, this is a photo of the southwest side of the house.  The roses are all in full bloom.  Love to all, Marsha


Debbie Bauer said...

I also love roses. I have lots in my yard and they are just starting to bloom now. I guess I need to find a sampler to stitch with roses.

Nicola said...

Your home always looks magical. Hope you get to grips with your new computer soon, I am dying to see your updates.

Kaisievic said...

Your house looks gorgeous!

Vera said...

Marsha, your home looks lovely. This year my roses have bloomed more profusely than ever! And our trumpet vine now has buds...hummingbirds are all around waiting for those to open.

Lanie said...

Oh how I love pictures of your home and gardens, Marsha! Thank you foe sharing.
Tell your computer guru to giddy-up ... we want pictures!!! ;)

Carolann Dunaske said...

Marsha, I love roses too. I planted them all along the edge of the drive and visualized how lovely they would look when they bloomed. Along came the deer and ate every single bud!!!I think I'll stick to 'planting' my flowers on linen.