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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Check, check, did this post transit?  If so, my computer issues are being resolved!  The first photo shows my rough draft of Ann Thompson, aka "the oval sampler".  A sizeable portion was stitched freehand, which means I have to sketch and translate the random stitch lines into something chart-able.
Which brings to mind a new topic that I'd like to discuss with everyone: what is meant by the term "accurate reproduction sampler"?  Everything we make is a reproduction. Nothing is exact, because they are reproductions.   As a designer I can only hope to somehow recreate an image very close to the original.  I'm a proponent for seeking the true original colors, not the often faded colors on the front.  In a case such as Ann Thompson it is impossible to reproduce the exact design because it wasn't entirely executed using the counted thread technique.

Second photo shows a sampler that can never be reproduced.  I used the verse on the design titled "Diligence", but apart from that and the attribution everything was stitched freehand, and the blue sky was hand painted.  This has been in TSL collection for many years.

Five inches of rain in five days here.  Mosquitoes and weeds!


Lanie said...

Transmission complete, Marsha! Hope all your computer problems are in the past.
So excited about your "Ann Thompson" sampler ... I love it!

Nicola said...

I am so excited about Ann, do you have her dimmensions. My quest for an oval sampler started when I saw oval frames in a brochure but I have now spotted one in an antique shop. If it is the right size I will buy it ready.

The second sampler is such a pretty one with the ladies in their bonnets.

MJ Hunt said...

I believe reproductions should be as exact as humanly possible and that includes the color (not the faded). I also appreciate the mistakes that might also be in the original. Thanks for showing the 'oval' update.

Bethany said...

Looks like you are keeping very busy. Keeping all of us stitcher's in new Reproductions is quite a undertaking.

Vera said...

Posting worked Marsh. Thanks for the oval update -- love seeing how you are doing this. Good luck with the "skeeters!!"

Erica near Chicago said...

Thank you so much for the photo of the "original" Diligence.

Margotatau said...

I like my reproductions to look as the originals are now. It is the faded look i am drawn to not the original brighter colours so i will often substitute to my taste if i need. Also more stitch types the better. Looking forward to Ann being ready to stitch. I also have an oval frame.