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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Joy Jarrett of Whitney Antiques

Barbara Hutson posted a link on Sampler World for a video on you tube where Joy Jarrett of Whitney Antiques talks about antique samplers and shows some of her collection.

Well worth watching. http://youtu.be/BHlhRyoTQmU Eleven minutes of bliss.

Thank you Barbara.

Many Happy Returns Marsha on your 60th


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Gennett Clapp's Sampler - half way

Good morning everyone!

Another gray day here in Belgium. May and June this year have been record breaking - it is cold, rainy and gray. I wonder if we are going to have a summer this year at all.
The Gennett Clapp's sampler on which I am working now also has something of the 'rainy day' feel. It is a bit grayish and very serene.

Here is a cover photo of Gennett's sampler:
And my progress so far:
I am stitching on 35ct Edinburgh 'Flax' with DMC and The Gentle Art threads. Most of the sampler is worked in regular cross stitches and I used 1 strand of cotton. But the scenery at the bottom had to be stitched with crosses that are 2 threads wide and 3 high. It seemed to me that the coverage is not going to be sufficient. Following the advise of some more experienced ladies I experimented a bit and finally decided to use for this part of the sampler a reversible cross stitch that gives an extra vertical stitch on the front side. It was time and thread consuming, and the result looks like that:
Good enough, I think.
Now I still have to finish a border, one line of the alphabet, two baskets and verse in over one.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Introducing Lenora!

Good Afternoon Everyone, and hello from HHH Pennsylvania.  Guess we are really in the summer mode now.  Yesterday we had almost 2.5" of rain in 20 minutes!!  And, 12 miles away at my office not a drop.  I've started my 4 day weekend thanks to my office being closed today and tomorrow for the move (across the street to another office complex).  So many things being thrown out and replaced!  I was able to snag two wing back chairs that will look great in my son's & girlfriend's apartment in Pittsburgh -- they will be perfect by the fireplace.

Meanwhile, thanks to having the day off the Leopard is now stitched.  My friend Carol who named the Parrot "Petunia" has also named the Leopard "Lenora."  She is a beauty.  Here is an overall shot of where the sampler is this afternoon as well as a close up of Lenora:

The cream color on Lenora's belly is so close to the color of fabric I am stitching on (same color as Petunia's feet).

Not sure where I will go next on this chart...I may start the ground beneath Lenora as there is SO MUCH of that to stitch...I may go back to the top right and start on the gorgeous, huge red flower, I may go to the right of Lenora and start outlining the lion (whom my husband has already named -- this time the creature will be a male).

Another day off tomorrow is a gift!  I plan to visit my Dad and go for a walk with him (he's 93 and still going to parks to walk, etc.) and then out to lunch.  Hopefully more stitching time and perhaps a nap (I do love to nap).

Hoping everyone is enjoying the summer (or winter depending on your hemisphere) and finding plenty of time to put needle and thread to fabric.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Giveaway

Grazing Sheep

Here is Grazing Sheep framed, unfortunately I had to leave her at the framers as he had managed to trap a piece of white cotton (I think from the stretching) between the sampler and the glass and this will need to be removed.

Sheep make such nice motifs on samplers and when you stop and think so many samplers feature animals or birds.

Marsha has written a book about this subject "Animals From Early Samplers"

Do you have a favourite animal that you like to stitch or a favourite sampler featuring animals.

Leave a comment on this post to enter the draw for a copy of the book. I will draw a name in a fortnight.

Check, check, did this post transit?  If so, my computer issues are being resolved!  The first photo shows my rough draft of Ann Thompson, aka "the oval sampler".  A sizeable portion was stitched freehand, which means I have to sketch and translate the random stitch lines into something chart-able.
Which brings to mind a new topic that I'd like to discuss with everyone: what is meant by the term "accurate reproduction sampler"?  Everything we make is a reproduction. Nothing is exact, because they are reproductions.   As a designer I can only hope to somehow recreate an image very close to the original.  I'm a proponent for seeking the true original colors, not the often faded colors on the front.  In a case such as Ann Thompson it is impossible to reproduce the exact design because it wasn't entirely executed using the counted thread technique.

Second photo shows a sampler that can never be reproduced.  I used the verse on the design titled "Diligence", but apart from that and the attribution everything was stitched freehand, and the blue sky was hand painted.  This has been in TSL collection for many years.

Five inches of rain in five days here.  Mosquitoes and weeds!

Monday, 24 June 2013

More progress on Appil

I have been doing some more colouring.  :)  Took a full photo yesterday and figured I should post my progress here.

Feeling OK about the progress on this one... at least over the last weekend.  heh

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ann Scutt, AWOL no longer

After being distracted by other projects for a couple of months, I'm back to Ann Scutt.

Sorry about the shadow--longest day of the year and I finished this band after dark!

EH 1669

Good Evening All and Happy First Day of Spring!

Woo-Hoo!  I was fortunate to win a recent draw on this blog and look what arrived in the mail yesterday (sorry for the bad picture...not sure what's up):

Also sorry I can't seem to rotate this picture...grrrrr...this is one BIG sampler.  Even on 40 count it will be 27.5" long!!  Thank you Barbara!!

No sufficient updates on PLL to show...hopefully by the end of the weekend.  Hope everyone is enjoying Summer and the Weekend!!


Many Happy Returns Moonbeam


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Sampler Labels

I hope it is ok to post this here.  Does anyone know where I can purchase some sampler finishing labels?  Marsha used to have them.

The Sun is done!

The Sun is done.
All those rays took a while but the sun is done.
He's really good looking, so cute.
On to the next motif, so far so good even though it's slow going.
Life, retirement parties, and family are all good interruptions.

Country Life start

I have just started sewing Country Life Sampler - I had originally thought that my eyes were not up to sewing this on 35 count, but thanks to Nicola I have been persuaded otherwise! - and I am surprised just how good this count of fabric is to sew - and also the silk threads, they are just so beautiful.  Just a start on the border, but hope to show more progress very soon!
I really enjoy seeing everyone's progress, and there have been some beautiful inspirational finishes!
Thank you Nicola - for your encouragement, your enthusiasm and for having this wonderful idea in the first place!
I am off up to Nottingham to spend some time with my dear old Mum, so time to sew whilst enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon next week!
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Ann Thompson - The Oval Sampler

Marsha is having problems with her new computer (I think we have all been there and know how frustrating it can be) so has sent me some photos of Ann Thompson to share with you.

It is very interesting to see how Marsha reproduces a sampler.

It is about 30% done. Isn't it a beauty, I already have a place for mine to hang. Talk about putting horse before the cart LOL !!

Wouldn't you like to be sitting alongside Marsha chatting and watching as she works. One can dream :o))

Two down eight to go!

Are you excited as much as I am? Have you checked my brilliant idea? I have completed another motif!
This one went super fast, I was done in a couple of hours - other motifs are more time consuming.

I noticed that I stitch a little faster, I'm focusing more and frogging less since I've started this challenge. I think I could be done with M. Quertier by the end of the month (smile).

So long my friends,

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Good evening, afternoon or morning.  I hoped to show you progress on the Ann Thompson oval sampler but I still can't figure out how to upload the pictures on this new computer.  The guru is stopping over tomorrow, so perhaps tomorrow night I'll have some interesting photos of a reproduction in the works.  Meanwhile, this is a photo of the southwest side of the house.  The roses are all in full bloom.  Love to all, Marsha

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

M. Quertier 1799

One down, nine to go (plus writing)!

Have you checked my brilliant idea? I would love to have your input.

So long my friends,

Hornbook Bestiary Progress

I realized I hadn't posted an update for the Hornbook Bestiary lately. You'll notice there has again been much progress made in a short span of time. I really do get on a roll with this one.

Hornbook progress as of 5/6/13

Hornbook progress as of 5/18/13
I couldn't resist changing the dog on it. I just had to stitch it in black and white like my Shelby girl. I deviated a bit from the charted placement of the spots and she turned out great!
Again since I was on a roll, I went ahead and stitched in the second row's boxes and filled in the borders too. I really should devote one day a week to this one. I bet I'd get a lot done!

Until next time,

The Inspired Stitcher

My Garden is Blooming

The Tablet Sampler

What a beautiful sampler this is, you really have to see it to appreciate the delicate design and colouring. Thank you Marsha for charting The Tablet and giving us the opportunity to stitch her.

The Tablet Sampler

I could not resist adding some tiny beads.

I am afraid this is going to be an adaptation rather than a reproduction and my intentions are to replace the tablet with a poem although nothing is cast in stone (excuse the pun) LOL !

Summer has come to our little cove today but before I can sit and stitch out of the heat of the day I have lots of chores and a doggie walk to do first.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

The Sheperdess Miniature circa 1790

I have always seen the sweet little miniatures on Marsha's website and admired them.  I recently needed to stitch a thank you gift for my cousin and thought I'd take a peek at the miniatures.  I decided on Shepherd and Shepherdess. Circa 1790.  This is, of course the shepherdess, though by looking at her dress and headdress, she must have been a high-class shepherdess!  You can see I am almost done.  Started it on Saturday and should finish tomorrow .  She is so sweet and only 4" square.
I know she will be my first Finish!  I will be stitching her companion too.  Kay Kynn

Grace Catlin

Hi everyone!
I have been doing a lot of stitching lately to catch up with projects I have left alone to stitch my two samplers for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.  I  love Grace Catlin so, so much!   Her bright colors always make me feel happy while I'm stitching.  Every stitch has been a delight until  I came  to the Fishbone stitch!   everything was going just great until I came to a turn and then I couldn't make it look good, no matter what!  I have taken it out at least three times and will be taking this section out too as soon as I post this!!!  If anyone can give me pointers on making turns, let me know.  If I can't make it look good, I will use SS instead.  I don't want my whole sampler to look good except the two Fishbone sections.  I'm here if anyone can give me pointers!  Otherwise, I love her!  Kay Lynn

Elizabeth Simon 1758

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I posted.  I have been catching up on a couple baby samplers I needed to finish.  Elizabeth is such a delight to stitch, including the entire middle section, which is entirely stitched over one.  It is actually very comforting to stitch, with the 23rd Psalm in front of me the whole time I am stitching it.  I love her sampler so much, can't wait to finish it!
Kay Lynn

Elizabeth Simon 1758

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My brilliant idea! (I think)

It was a very windy day in Marsh Lake. We had lost electricity for a while - no computer, no TV and I was able to finish another motif (yey for me)!

That's the last one on the top row. It took me 4 hours and 23 minutes to stitch it. Why I'm telling you this? Well, here is my brilliant idea. I would love to finish this sampler as quickly as I can and start on 1790 Ann Kirby Sampler. The chart must be out of print because it took me forever to find it. Eventually I did, thanks to the eBay. Debbie spotted that chart in my stash and she would love to stitched it too and I do not mind to give it to her as soon as I finish stitching it. So, because there is out there an aching heart of another stitcher I have to hurry up since I've promised myself that I will work only on one sampler at the time. For me there is no better motivation than a challenge so here it goes.

Here is the whole thing with crossed out finished motifs.

As you see I have ten more motifs to stitch plus writing. Can you guess how long it will take me to finish the remaining part of the sampler? Please put your answer in comments to this post in hours and minutes. I will measure my stitching time from now on and the person with the most accurate timing will win a $50 gift certificate to The Scarlet Letter. Since this blog is all about fun, celebrating and giving I will pick the winner on my birthday, July 16th.

So long my friends,

Monday, 17 June 2013

Mary Baker is finished!

She has been for some time. I am afraid that I have not been very good about posting lately!

The Mary Baker Sampler - The Scarlet Letter
DMC threads on 30 count linen

I love the bold graphic look of this one with the red, black and green!

I have been remiss in not leaving comments, but rest assured that I have loved seeing all your work! It provides me with endless inspiration!

M. Quertier 1799

Another motif is done! Just one more to go on the top row and I can start on the right border :)

There is a small mistake in the chart - the left flower is charted three rows to low. Of course I have noticed the difference after I finish the right flower. Thank goodness they are quite small and there wasn't much frogging. Stay tuned for the next update as I have a brilliant idea...

So long my friends,

And the winners of Barbara's Giveaway are .....

We had three separate drawing for the charts.  We waited until 12:01 GMT to draw the winners.   Jim, my husband, drew the names from our Miss Pig Tureen.  

Here are the winners of the charts for my  1 June birthday drawing:

Merilde won the Elizabeth Simon chart.

Vera won the EH 1669 chart.

Theresa won the Corsica River chart.

All winners please contact me (queenstownsamplerdesigns@atlanticbb.net) and send me your mailing addresses so I may post your prizes to you.

Thanks again for all your kind words.

Enjoy your stitching!


Parrot, Leopard, Lion Update

Wow, it's been some time since I posted.  I was having "issues" downloading pictures from my camera -- not sure what the problem was, but most likely operator error.  Oh well, it seems to be working now.  Time has flown by and life has been busy.  Busy enough that I have not accomplished as much as I would have liked.  My office is moving and that is a huge chore/mess.  Trying to purge and box up items and then furniture -- we are getting rid of most of our furniture and replacing with all new (nothing really wrong with what we have...go figure).  So most nights I have been tired.  But here are some updates.  First an overall shot of where things are today:

Recent additions are the blue flower in the upper right and the beginning of the leopard:

After completing the outlining of the leopard (yet to be named), I couldn't resist putting in his/her tongue.  Petunia had best be on her guard!!

Each time I complete an image I think "wow!  that was a lot of stitching!"  Then I look at the pattern and see how much is left.  Yikes!!

I do have several four day weekends coming up...the last weekend in June (my office will be closed that Thursday and Friday for the big move) and then the 4th of July weekend I will take Friday off as well as Thursday.  Hopefully I can get a lot accomplished then.

Have enjoyed seeing everyone's progress and the samplers chosen.  Such a wealth of designs!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend...hopefully not so long between posts next time.

Many Happy Returns Lanie


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Faerie Queene update

Hi everyone,
Here is my update on The Faerie Queene - I am still working on the petit point section, so it is slow going but the first pic is  where I started on Saturday afternoon and the other two show where I finished on Sunday.

 Still a few letters in the dark brown to go.....  but there is definite progress happening!

Have a good Monday,

Saturday, 15 June 2013

M. Quartier 1799

Are you guys tired of my black sampler yet? This time I decided to show you not just one motif but the whole thing as of last night. I think I'm more than half way there

There is only two more motifs in the top row, then three on the right and three on the bottom. I've decided to do motifs in the middle on the very end as I can move them a little to fit the writing.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And the winner is .........

There has been so much interest in this sewing caddy. I bought this from Casa Cenina which is the only place I have managed to find them after much searching.

I thought that I would share with you how the draw is done.

I go to dashboard then posts on both blogs, I then print off the lists for the period and using a guillotine I cut them into strips.

I then fold them up.

There is usually someone around to ask to make the draw

This month Gillian did the honours. Do you want to watch the video to see who has won?

Congratulations Laura, this is truly an international challenge and your sewing caddy will be off to Mexico as soon as you email me your postal address. 

This year is whizzing by - on July 16th the first name drawn can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

Grazing Sheep

The second name drawn will receive a Thimble Keep which has been sponsored by Carmen of Cardan Antiques. The keep will  be the perfect place to keep thimble, needles and pins, safe and close at hand while working on your favorite Scarlet Letter Sampler.  

Carmen makes these herself with reproduction quilt fabric and cotton velveteen filled with emery to keep both pins and needles sharp, an antique button provides the closure that will keep your thimble safe, and allow you to always have your sewing necessaries at your side.

Thank you Carmen.

Make sure you post your progress, each post qualifies for the draw.