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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So far behind

I am just in awe of all the beautiful progress and finishes on so many samplers. I have barely enough progress to even post. We're doing some house renovations and I'm very slowly going through everything to see what I can "deaccession". We had some floors refinished so there's also a thick layer of dust on everything, including the insides of everything, and that all needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Well, enough of the excuses. I got most of the sea god done and started on the next band.


Barbara Day said...

Nice! It's nice to have a "Coraggio" buddy. This is a blast to stitch, and it's so pretty.

Nicola said...

Oh builders dust has to be chased around several times to get rid of. It is surprising where it can get too.

Fiona said...

No matter how small you think your progress is, it is still progress. I think Coraggio might be my next SL purchase.

Cindy L said...

Such a pretty start.

Tinka said...

What a beautiful piece! You have a great start.