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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rosa - my progress

Here is my 'Rosa' - stitched on 30 count over one with AVAS Silks - the center of the rose will be filled later  with yellow Bullion stitches.

- here is what she will look like once finished - my photo is a true representation of the colours - also the size of this is actually 4 1/2 inches square not the 3 1/2 mentioned on the Scarlet Letter website.

rosa.jpg (600×581)
(photo taken from Scarlet Letter website)

Thankyou for looking, 


Lori said...

This ls lovely, Amanda! I love the colors. I hadn't seen this on the Scarlet Letter site - I will have to look it up. May list of things I would like to stitch is getting longer!
Beautiful stitching,

Stitch Wizard said...

Very pretty Amanda!! I love roses too and your stitching is really beautiful too. It will be fun watch your progress!

Jenny said...

I love the color of your rose.....this sampler is really beautiful. I really must head on over to the SL sight and look this one up as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Jennifer H said...


How wonderful to see someone stitching Rosa! I love the vibrant colors. I am itching to get started on my Rosa above my Leo for my piece.

Can't wait to see more of your progress - will you be doing the silk ribbon and flowers like the way Marsha has on her website?

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

Fiona said...

Lovely design. The rose is stunning.

Cindy L said...

Amanda, I love your rose.