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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 20 May 2013

Post for Julierose

AWOL for a bit
I have put my Dora S. Sampler aside until I get a lamp/magnifier.  My last session with her had me pulling out stitches and left me with eyestrain...I got very frustrated with myself.
But, fear not, hope springs eternal (I'm not a Taurus for nothing!) and I will be back to take another stab (hah!) at this Sampler...it is too lovely to languish for much longer.
In the meanwhile, I am following both blogs and marveling at the fantastic stitching being accomplished by you all...


Jenny said...

Hi Julierose,
I had to add magnifying glasses to my stitching tray and at night I have to stitch with two lights. It seems like only yesterday that I could stitch on any count, anywhere :0. Your sampler will be beautiful!

Nicola said...

Hope to link I sent you will help. I have to have my daylight lamp to stitch.

Fiona said...

Hope you got your magnifier. Sometimes reading glasses help. Sometimes on high counts I wear my contact lenses and reading glasses at the same time.