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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 3 May 2013

Post for Julie H

Well..... and here I thought I was moving along so easily--but, as I began filling in around the bird--I couldn't wait to get to the bird-- I realized that somehow I had placed him one thread down too far!  I guess I can't count after all.  (I mean really, I can count a Chopin Nocturne with 32nd notes and two against three etc!!  hmmmpfh!)  But this has me scratching my head. 
I tried filling in with tent stitch (as you can see if you click on my sorry bird) but I know I'll have to just give in and froggit!  I can hear a chorus of frogs in the distance approaching my house!   
I am still enjoying this, though; and hate to leave it this way...I guess my bird was just a "free spirit"...loving everyone's fabulous work and will keep on plugging along.  (P.S.  I think a magnifier is in order for me...)


PoundingSand said...

Oh, how annoying!
I did almost the same thing recently with the Random Motif sampler: managed to place a double-running stitch in a motif outline over three threads instead of two. I was too lazy to take it out, so I will be working the filling over three (instead of two) in spots to make up for it.

Would that work for you? It might show less to go over three than to have that little row of tent stitches, and it would be faster than redoing the whole bird.


Fiona said...

Don't you just hate those annoying frogs.

Nicola said...

It has happened to us all Julie. I think Kate's suggestion a good one, to a small test area and see which looks better.

Silkstitcher - Kay Lynn said...

Julie Rose I also put a row of over one stitches to fix a mistake. Nobody will know but you, especially if you don't tell! . It's better than taking the whole thing out. By the way, what ct is your fabric? Are you using silk or DMC? Does your chart call for tent stitch in that area?