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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Post for Barb D

Progress report on Coraggio:

I took a break for a few days and did some knitting.  I've been writing an Afghan pattern and need to finish working out the bugs so I can get it printed.  Not my favorite thing to do--the editing bits--but it has to be done.  A nice excuse to have needles and yarn in my hands anyway.

Even so, I'm about 3/4 finished with the interlaced vine beneath the cartouche, which makes me more than half way done with the sampler.  Except that I haven't finished the alphabet band quite, or the cartouche.  There are only a few letters left to finish in the alphabets.  I've said that I've been waiting to do the satin stitched ribbon around the cartouche until I could get the interlaced band done, which is only partly true.  Also true that I don't want the Harwicke hoop to mess it up, so figured I would attack it when I had finished some distance underneath it.  I did wonder about the satin stitching itself, though.  Does it need to have some stitches for padding underneath?  Is there a best one to do if so--stem or cross or something else?  I think it looks a little flat and flabby without something to give it some structure and body, but don't know how well it will work in this kind of a piece.  Also, how many strands are best to use (I'm using Soie d'Alger)?

In any case, this is a holiday weekend, and I'm going to the mountains for 5 days.  By myself.  With my needlework and knitting bags.  No one to bother me and lots of time to stitch.  It's tough duty but someone has to step up.  Maybe I'll get the alphabets and cartouche finished.

Cheers, everyone!
Barb Day


Nicola said...

What a shame the photos have not come out. I really want to see this progress on this magnificent sampler.

Fiona said...

Sounds like you have achieved quite a lot.