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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Millennium Frame - Margin Allowance and a Review of the Aristo Lap Stand

I have just been asked on blog 2 about how much fabric I allow for attaching my linen to the Millennium Frame.

It is always a personal choice and my way is not to say that someone else's isn't a better way.

Here is Joanna Warren.

I have started two inches below the edge of the dowel securing the fabric.

I would have been clear of the top bar if I started 1.5 inches down but I prefer to have generous margins as I like to have mounts around my work when framed.

The fabric trapped under the dowel is 1 inch.

It is the same which ever way up you like to work. This is my favourite.

Therefore, the minimum I beleieve that you can get away with is 2.5 inches but I tend to work with 3.0 inches if I have enough fabric. I have got away with a little less than 2.5 inches when I was squeezing a project onto some linen but I would not recommend it.

I hope this has helped.

I have posted a new video today of the Aristo Lap Stand onto youtube.

I am really looking forward to using this. It is so versatile. I will be able to stitch just about anywhere.


Deb said...

It was great to see another video of you Nicola. I haven't ordered a lap frame, but I may have to in the future. I'm glad that Joanna weighed in about how much seam allowance is needed. I had wondered how much you would actually need. Since I always used a 3" selvage, I should be fine. Still waiting for my frame, but I expect that it will be here any day. Seems like I've been waiting forever!!

Lanie said...

Another great video Nicola! You keep going with them and you just might convert me from stitching in hand to using a frame! I'm thinking about it ..........
Your Joanna Warren looks beautiful. Are you still stitching on her? I know at first you were not completely satisfied with your results, but I think she looks lovely. Pretty colors.

Kath said...

What a great video. I've been stalking Needle Needs website to buy one and now that I've seen how easy it is to assemble and how much you like yours, I can't wait to get one. Thanks again for posting the video.

Cindy L said...

Nicola, thank you so much. Your videos and information on the blog have been so helpful. My fabric on Elizabeth Sheffield at the bottom of the frame barely sticks out but does hold well. This was from the kit so when I cut my own fabric I will allow at least another inch. I do have to order a frame but was undecided what would work best so thanks again for your video on the lap stand.
Your Joanna is looking beautiful and look forward on seeing more.

Faye said...

I just watched the lap stand video..... Outstanding demonstration! I see how very easy the assembly is and very portable..... Thanks for taking the time to make the videos...... Great job!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the photos of the margin. I have been using my frame for years and never gave this a thought.

Carmen Sutton said...

What a great demo you do, have you been getting calls from QVC to join their selling staff? The lap frame looks awesome very functional, makes me almost want to start using strecher bars just so I would need to buy one.