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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 20 May 2013

M. Quertier 1799

Happy Monday everyone!

It has been a while since my last post and there are some changes in my life. I'm not an employee anymore, instead I'm my own boss - I've started my own little business providing financial services. Couple of weeks ago I got a new puppy. Call me crazy, but I flew over 3,000 miles to pick her up

And I have a little progress to show you. I was stitching M. Quertier 1799. I was there:

and now I'm here

As you see the 'M' had to go. It was in the wrong spot and it was a wrong size.

I also decided to change design a little. A long time ago I decided to change initials on the chart to initials of our members and I will move the motif above 'M. Quertier 1799' a little lower and the motif with 'AT 1799' a little higher. Then I will move the writing to the marked area below.  What do you think?

So long my friends,


Stitch Wizard said...

I feel such joy seeing your post today and your progress is really beautiful!! I feel joy because you are such a wonderful person to fly 3000 miles to get this little puppy!! I just totally love animals and this little puppy needs someone to love and take care of her. You have to be a really wonderful and kind lady to do that and I am so happy as you will also be so loved by this little dog. Congratulations on starting your own business too! :)

Brenda in WI said...

I agree to all Stitch Wizard had to say but - WHERE IS A PICTURE OF THIS LUCKY LITTLE PUPPY? Hint, hint.

Nicola said...

Yes please, can we have some photos of the pup. I think your plans for personalising your sampler sound excellent.

I am so pleased that the business has taken off, it is a huge step going it alone.

Anne said...

M Quertier is so beautiful. The motifs look like they are fun to stitch! You make me want to pick up a Quaker!!

Vera said...

Love your progress - excellent! and just saw the post with pics of Frosty Girl -- she is beautiful!!

Fiona said...

Lovely progress, it is a very striking sampler.