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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Joanna Warren - third time lucky!

Joanna Warren
Joanna Warren
taken from Scarlet Letter website
I started Joanna Warren about a month ago.  I had purchased her many years ago as a kit, had plundered the DMC threads for other projects, so just had to replace them with AVAS!  The linen that came with the kit, I have to admit I was not crazy about - to me the unbleached had the colour of chicken poo - but that is maybe just my warped mind and my obsession with our feathered egg-laying friends!

So along with the change to AVAS I made a start on Floba 35ct cream.  Start number 1!  The cream really didn't show up the pale colours so well.  I should learn to trust Marsha.

Back to the unbleached linen and start from the top with the double running and satin stitches. Start 2!  Now maybe it was just me, but I couldn't get the satin stitches to sit right, and to be honest, Joanna was about to be put into a dusty corner once more.

Then we had our trip to France, and I couldn't really take SDW to finish...too big...so I printed off the final page of Joanna, and hid her in the suitcase.  The final panel is all in cross stitch - or so I thought - something nice and simple to get to grips with.  Get a good start, working upwards towards that blasted satin stitch.
Start 3!

Joanna Warren from the bottom up

I was only when I read the instruction properly on the ferry, that I saw that the letters are alternating eyelets over 1 (I think not!) and satin stitches.  Well I did a couple of eyelets over one, and a couple of cross stitches and my conclusion was that a blind man would be pleased to see the difference.  So cross stitches it is.

I had a lovely surprise on my return, the Simile Chart that I was lucky enough to win arrived.  Many thanks to Nicola, and Marsha for their generosity and for making this Scarlett Letter year so much fun.  Another one I can't wait to start.  This Scarlet Letter year is going to have to go on longer than 2014!


Nicola said...

A great start michele:o))

Vera said...

Another beautiful start(s) - LOL. Looks wonderful!

Jenny said...

Your new start is lovely, Michele. I love this sampler and am anxious to watch your progress on her.

Fiona said...

Start 3 looks great, looking forward to watching it grow. Congratulations on your win.

Jonette said...

Your stitching looks great! Congratulations on your win. I agree maybe we could make this a Scarlet Letter decade.

Barbara Day said...

Spectacular!! Joanna's on my to do wish list. I bet it's one of those really imposing pieces when it hangs on your wall. Ditto re. a Scarlet Letter decade, as long as the eyes hold up.