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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I got my frames and stand!!!!

I received my millennium frame, Little Wizard frame and stand a couple of weeks ago.  I am soooo happy with them and have since ordered extra bars so I can change out.  Thanks Nicola and Kevin for your encouraging words.  I am now back to working Country Life, but it is slow progress.  I was having trouble with the floral motif on the outside border.  Then I realized that the top was a little different that the bottom. I decided that they all are going to be the same.
I enjoy checking in to see every ones progress but get frustrated at myself that I am a slow stitcher.
Happy stitching.
Martha S.


Frances Seng said...

Hi Martha, I'm still waiting my frame kit to arrive. When did you order yours? It's been over 2 months since i put my paypal thru and still waiting.

Martha S said...

It took about 3 months. They are great to deal with, email them and ask when you could expect the order. I think you will be really pleased-worth the wait.

Frances Seng said...

Thank You Martha.

Fiona said...

Enjoy your frame and stand.

Carmen Sutton said...

Lovely frame and stand! Remember slow and steady wins the day.

Debbie Bauer said...

I love mine. Only wished I ordered extra bars but I plan to this fall. First on my list is the
Aristo Stand.

Jonette said...

Enjoy! I just got mine last week and have already ordered longer bars and arms.

Merilde said...

Lovely! I love your cozy spot for stitching - makes me want to move in! Enjoy!

Cindy L said...

Enjoy your frame and stand! It was worth the wait. I love using my frame and now will have to order a stand too.

Anonymous said...

Do you like working with the stand?