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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 31 May 2013

The Cloud

The Cloud
I've outlined the cloud.
It is so tempting to just fill it in.
How did some of you resist? Just fill in each motif as you finish stitching the outline...hmmm.
Continuing on...maybe.   :)

Hannah Bennett update

My progress is not as much as I had hoped, but having been away for the past four (long) weekends, I didn't stitch as much as I had planned. I can't stitch in the car or on the train, but I can knit. So I knit, lots.

I spent this past weekend in Paris with my sister and her family who are vacationing there. I managed to find a few hours to see the sampler exhibit at the Bibliothèque Forney. Wonderful! A part of Joke Visser's private collection is on exhibit, and it is just amazing. If you are in Paris, don't miss it.

Here is Hannah Bennet as of today.

I'm still enjoying stitching this sampler. There's enough variety in the stitches to keep it interesting. I would love to finished it by the end of June so I can move on to something new

Many Happy Returns Debra


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Grazing Sheep

I have been enjoying reading all the posts so much that I have quite forgotten to post my own progress which has been some what reduced the last week or so due to 2 new addictions - Candy Crush and Monkey Quest. Thank you Krista and Marsha -  LOL!!

Any way her she is

Grazing Sheep

I could not resist adding a black sheep, you have to have a rebel in the flock.

Grazing Sheep

I have used Rainbow Gallery "Wisper" which is a mohair thread. The specified stitch was bullion which I enjoy and have done a lot of on other projects  but I substituted this with a mixture of french and colonial knots to create a similar texture to my son's sheep. 

I am pleased with the effect. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Abigail Gould - finished

Hello, this is my first post here on this blog. I started Abigail Gould some time ago and she is my first Scarlet Letter sampler. I wanted to start this experience with something small and I think Abigail was perfect for me. I stitched her with the recommended DMC threads on a piece of cream Belfast linen from Zweigart. I chose cream because I didn't want to do all the filling in on the background. And I'm completely happy with the result.

Rebecca Cullin

I finished Rebecca Cullin last night.  She is such a stunning girl.  Please excuse so many photos but I thought that they might come in handy if anybody else would like to do her.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A little bit of colour

Made a tiny bit of progress over the weekend.

Finally getting some colour on this one.

I also seem to be hitting a slump... so it is hard to tell when I will make another post.  I am sure I will still enjoy looking at all the wonderful things everyone else is working on.

Happy Stitching all!

Joanna Warren

Joanna Warren Band 7

The picture is pretty rubbish, but this is the very bottom band of Joanna Warren completed.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Hello all!
I am ready to start.
I am using 36ct Picture This Plus-Fog linen with the silks suggested.
The quince colors are odd but so be it.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

M. Quertier 1799

I have another little update on M. Quertier 1799. Another motif is done!

So long my friends,

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Holiday Giveaway

It is a holiday weekend here in the UK and the States and I thought it would be a perfect time to have a giveaway.

This is a glimpse of a particularly  beautiful sampler from the Scarlet Letter collection. 

Do you recognise it?

If you do EMAIL the name of the Sampler  to nicola.parkman@gmail.com and a name will be drawn on  June 1st.

You are welcome to leave a comment but not the answer.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hannah's Leopard

Oops! I forgot to post my progress before the 15th of this month! I don't know where time goes?! It truly has been a very bumpy May for me, with not a lot of stitching accomplished.  However, last weekend, it was all about me and Hannah and her leopard.  He has his spots and his fur and he's happily snapping at the pretty birds that are threatening to steal the fruit from the fruit trees.  Such a delightful sampler to stitch.  There are just too many samplers that are on my list now to stitch! Everyone is doing a splendid job and it has been wonderful to browse through all of your photos.  Without further ado, here is the leopard!

And just for fun, a very pretty photo of some cherry blossoms, which are all gone now.  Their beautiful blooms, which look like ballerinas' pink tutus, are so short lived I had to immortalize them in a photo.

Many Happy Returns Angie


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thank you!!

I received my Polly Phillip kit -- parts of it make up my lovely prize that I won for May's giveaway.  It made purchasing the kit so much easier on my wallet.

I'm so excited to have this ready to go and waiting for me.  Thank you, Nicola!!  And thank you, Marsha for sending it so quickly!  I still can't believe I won!


At least with the outlining.  heh.  And I stuck to my plan and didn't add a bit of colour.  Now I get to and I am really looking forward to that.  :)

Giant colouring book page here I come!!!!!

Manifesto progress

It has been a while since I posted a progress picture

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

FINISHED!!!! Matilda Ann Charles

Took a bit of a break from Manifesto.. geez all that background stitching gets boring... so I spent a few weeks with Matilda Ann Charles and another sampler (not a Scarlet Letter)... and here is Matilda...also known to me as Tilly.....fresh off the needle!!  She was a joy to stitch and I love the colors!

I should add that Matilda is stitched on 40 ct LL Navy Bean with DMC threads

So now it is back to the Big M -  Manifesto.. This is where I left her many weeks ago


I have finished all the outlining on pages one through three.  I have also made a small start on the outlining for page four.  I am really getting antsy to get to the colour.


Adam's face gives me the creeps.... and soon I will be adding Eve's as well.  Eek.  Getting some colour on them will really help I am sure.

Post for Barb D

Progress report on Coraggio:

I took a break for a few days and did some knitting.  I've been writing an Afghan pattern and need to finish working out the bugs so I can get it printed.  Not my favorite thing to do--the editing bits--but it has to be done.  A nice excuse to have needles and yarn in my hands anyway.

Even so, I'm about 3/4 finished with the interlaced vine beneath the cartouche, which makes me more than half way done with the sampler.  Except that I haven't finished the alphabet band quite, or the cartouche.  There are only a few letters left to finish in the alphabets.  I've said that I've been waiting to do the satin stitched ribbon around the cartouche until I could get the interlaced band done, which is only partly true.  Also true that I don't want the Harwicke hoop to mess it up, so figured I would attack it when I had finished some distance underneath it.  I did wonder about the satin stitching itself, though.  Does it need to have some stitches for padding underneath?  Is there a best one to do if so--stem or cross or something else?  I think it looks a little flat and flabby without something to give it some structure and body, but don't know how well it will work in this kind of a piece.  Also, how many strands are best to use (I'm using Soie d'Alger)?

In any case, this is a holiday weekend, and I'm going to the mountains for 5 days.  By myself.  With my needlework and knitting bags.  No one to bother me and lots of time to stitch.  It's tough duty but someone has to step up.  Maybe I'll get the alphabets and cartouche finished.

Cheers, everyone!
Barb Day

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Back At It with Ann

It seems lie a number of us have been sidetracked with other things lately and I certainly am no exception!  Ann Grimshaw was distracted about a month ago while I worked on a few other projects.  However, I got back in gear with her this past week4end, and do have a little bit of progress to share.

Please forgive that stray little bit of silk hanging out there in the middle of nowhere.  These two details are of the newest additions on either side of the piece.  On the left...
....and on the right.
Am still loving Miss Ann, but am beginning to feel like I'm in for a marathon before the end is anywhere even close, Well, one stitch at a time is all anyone can do, right? 

Post for Barbara G - Mary Hurst

I have just completed Mary Hurst. It is very pink and little girlish. I saw a chalk drawing in my neighborhood the other day that looked just like the queen. No crown but everything else was pretty much the same.

I have one comment about the kit. On the list of threads to be used it appeared that only one skein of all the colours was necessary but I found out that colour 111 needed at least 2. I could not get another skein from my supplier so I substituted. I was not happy to do that but it looks OK.

I do not have a picture of the completed piece but a number of months ago I send in a picture of part of it and it looks more or less the same. The top bit was not done but it doesn’t photograph well anyway. I sadly do not know how to get a photo onto the computer and my husband has been in hospital so until he gets home no picture.

I am trying to decide what to do next. All I am sure of is that it will be 17th century.


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Tablet Sampler Circa 1755

I have been keenly stitching  along and admiring all the beautiful work.  So pleased to see i am not alone with the use of the magnifying glass . It's been a while since I used 40 count linen. But so worth it.                                                     
 Many different stitch types make this sampler so interesting. Very challenging. I have used Permin Ecru 40 count linen -  home dyed with  tea/coffee. 
  The tablet frame is complete and a pretty floral border to do. I think I may have to alternate between the Ten Commandments and the flowers to keep me going.

Tablet Sampler. Margot. WIP.

Monday, 20 May 2013

And some more oulines

I have hardly had time to breathe lately, but I am still trying to pop a few stitches in here and there.  It does make for some progress.

One of these days I will get all the outlining done.  Then I'll be able to start posting prettier pictures.  heh

Frosty Girl

OK, you do not have to ask twice. Here is my puppy with mom and dad. Her name is Frosty Girl.

and the next day at her new home

 checking the cat
 resting on the last patch of snow

 in Freddy's arms (yesterday)

a few days ago I even attempt to make a little video (sorry for the noisy wind)

Now puppy is sleeping and I can stitch some more.

So long my friends,

M. Quertier 1799

Happy Monday everyone!

It has been a while since my last post and there are some changes in my life. I'm not an employee anymore, instead I'm my own boss - I've started my own little business providing financial services. Couple of weeks ago I got a new puppy. Call me crazy, but I flew over 3,000 miles to pick her up

And I have a little progress to show you. I was stitching M. Quertier 1799. I was there:

and now I'm here

As you see the 'M' had to go. It was in the wrong spot and it was a wrong size.

I also decided to change design a little. A long time ago I decided to change initials on the chart to initials of our members and I will move the motif above 'M. Quertier 1799' a little lower and the motif with 'AT 1799' a little higher. Then I will move the writing to the marked area below.  What do you think?

So long my friends,

Winners of the Dora Sanger and Grace Catlin Kits

Thank you to all those that participated in my Birthday Month giveaway!!!  From my count I had 28 people interested in Dora Sanger and 34 people interested in Grace Catlin.  I used Mr. Random Generator and came up with the following winners:

For the Dora Sanger kit, the winner is:


And for the Grace Catlin Sampler, the winner is:


Congratulations to both of you.  Please email me your snail mail addresses so that I can get them out to you ASAP.  My email is in my profile!!

Joanna Warren

Joanna Warren has been my mission this week.  Pretty pleased with the overall progress.  Finished the bottom part of the band and the letters.  Outlining the rest of the band, which is pretty major.  Have noticed that part of my flower is not central, which serves me right for 
a) stitching in bad light and 
Joanna Warren Band 7
b) not starting with the centre strut and going off and doing my own thing.  I think it is just one stitch out, so looking it at it this morning, I think I can blag it, rather than taking the whole lot out.   Blind men and all that!

Now I have some Joanna behind me, I am loving her.  The fabric colour is perfect (trust Marsha, Michele), it really shows up the beautiful colours, and by the time I get to the next band up, which is double runnings and buttonholes and stuff, I will feel that I have gotten a good start.  I was getting frustrated by the satin stitches in the first band, I figure by the time I get to them I will be on the final run, so won't mind so much.

It's Been Too Long....

      It's been too long since I've last posted. Other projects caught my attention and I've been neglecting my Scarlet Letter samplers. Finally spent a bit of time stitching on Sarah Pain. This is where I was went I set her aside:

 and here she is now after several hours in the stitching chair.

Post for Julierose

AWOL for a bit
I have put my Dora S. Sampler aside until I get a lamp/magnifier.  My last session with her had me pulling out stitches and left me with eyestrain...I got very frustrated with myself.
But, fear not, hope springs eternal (I'm not a Taurus for nothing!) and I will be back to take another stab (hah!) at this Sampler...it is too lovely to languish for much longer.
In the meanwhile, I am following both blogs and marveling at the fantastic stitching being accomplished by you all...

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Traveling With Margaret Randolph

Hello Stitching Friends.

I have been working on the Margaret Randolph sampler this weekend. She is my travel piece that I started in February when I went to Nashville.

She is a pretty Philadelphia sampler stitched on 25ct. Perfect for riding in a car or squinting at in a hotel room. I love the bright blue in this sampler and all of the green.
Here is my progress so far.,,

My Bristol Orphanage sampler has been taking a rest but I need to pick her up again soon.
Hopefully I will have another update soon.


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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Antonia Gonzalez

A finish!  Apologies for the poor photos.  Antonia Gonzalez is on her way to be framed at Lynn's in Madison, WI, tomorrow morning.  Do you remember when she was first "unveiled"?  After careful analysis of the color on the reverse side, this is the amazing palette that resulted. Good weekend to everyone!

Edit - I fiddled with the brightness of the photos so you can all see it a little clearer - Jo