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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 29 April 2013

SDW - Week 26

I had a lovely stitching weekend, but of course didn't get as much done as I had thought.  Isn't that always the way.  Still good progress made on the bands.  I am banking on the fact that I missed a row on the necks of the dear further up, to make sure that I have enough room to fit all this in - lol!  Working up from the bottom may prove not to be the most sensible decision!!

I also changed the colours.  For me the original bands on this section are too blue, yellow orange.  I was thinking about this, and maybe it is because at the end of a long time stitching, those were the only colours SDW had left!

I have run out of 1713, so I substituted that for the slightly brighter blue that we used right up at the top, made my strawberries red (I hope they are strawberries - couldn't live with blue ones) and put some definition into the acorns.
SDW Week 26 
I am still thinking of doing the top band in red, so hopefully this will balance it all out.

Fingers crossed for a "before France finish" but I think that is wishful thinking.
SDW Original taken from SL website


Nicola said...

The red strawberries look superb Michelle. You are so very nearly there I am sure you will finish before France.

Kaisievic said...

It will definitely be your individual piece, Michelle. Lovely work.

Fiona said...

Your SDW looks great and it will bed personal to you with red strawberries.

Jenny said...

SDW is looking beautiful, Michele. You are almost finished!!! I love the changes you have made. Enjoy the end of your journey, this is such an accomplishment.

SusanIL said...

Very pretty! I think those are actually grapes, but red works for grapes or strawberries so it looks great (plus I love red in any part of any sampler!).

Anne said...

It's coming along beautifully! I love the strawberries and I think you'll be done in time!

Silkstitcher -Kay Lynn said...

Michele. I can't imagine any other color than red for your strawberries! SDW is the next sampker on my list for a New Start. I just love this sampler and you have done an amazing job on it! Congratulations on a job almost done!

Cindy L said...

Michele, I love your SDW. The substitutions look wonderful.