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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 22 April 2013

SDW Week 25

I am loving reading everyone's posts and seeing all the lovely work that is being achieved.

Small progress this week.  I have been in a show at our local theatre, so too many late nights and with all its colours,  SDW is not easy to transport.
SDW Week 25

I have decided to work the three narrow bands on the right hand side first, so that I get a bottom marker to work towards.  The colours in these final bands are so lovely.

Russian Red Rooster,  however, has come on leaps this week.  Easy to transport and only two colours made it my ideal companion this week.  A one costume show, and a mike check at 6pm, meant that I was "stage ready" a good 75 mins early, which gave me plenty of stitching time each evening.  So cup of tea, in one hand and sewing in the other, I found myself a quiet corner and we now have a Red Rooster!
A couple more sessions should see him ready for the framers.

Russian Red Rooster - bottom section
Russian Red Rooster 

Normal service to be resumed and more progress this week I hope on SDW.

Happy stitching all.

Michele x


Silkstitcher said...

Michele. SDW is the SL sampler I am going to start. I just love it! Yours is looking very nice! What fabric are you using? Are you using AVAS or DMC? Your Red a rooster is quite lovely! Where are you going to hang it! It looks like a great kitchenette piece. I'll have to go on SL website and read about it. Keep up your good work!

Michele said...

Hi Silkstitcher. The fabric is Edinburgh linen 35ct flax I think and it is done in AVAS. Red Rooster is Belfast Linen 32ct also I think in flax, again with AVAS. You are so right, he is a kitchenette piece, just by the dresser I think.

M x

Fiona said...

I like to have a bottom marker too. SDW is coming along nicely and the colours are really pretty. Red Rooster is stunning and I agree perfect for a kitchen next to the dresser.

Julierose said...

Hello Michele--Lovely work on your red rooster! I notice you have a basting thread line on one side on a photo--is this a way to mark where a stitchery line begins--as a complete and utter novice I am struggling with Dora Sanger's alphabet and finding where to start each letter....Julierose

Michele said...

Yes Julierose, I tend to run a basting stitch down each side as I go, to mark the sides of the sampler. I just find that it helps me when stitching rows that either start or finish at the sides. I am so lazy that I tend to do it as I go, rather than baste it all at the beginning!
I am not familiar with Dora Sanger, I will look her up, but there are times that I run basting stitches inside the sampler if I need to line letters up. I just use an ordinary sewing thread in a dark colour. Hope that helps. It works for me. x

Julierose said...

Thanks for the info, Michele! I will try it; I can use all the help I can get as a newbie!! Hugs Julierose

Debbie Bauer said...

Very, very nice.I love redwork.I also like your basting advise. Us newbies can use all the advise and help we can get.

Nicola said...

Russian Rooster is going to look great in a kitchen. Looking forward to seeing SDW finished you are so very nearly there on both.