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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Post for Wilma

Hi everyone,

Instead of finishing Dona Dorothea first, I suddenly found myself diving into my stash cupboard and I came up with this one: AW 1662!
An early English band sampler and what a beauty. She is such fun to stitch. So I thought I would share my progress so far.
I am stitching her on a 32ct Belfast with DMC threads.
Loving every single stitch. Promised Dona Dorothea to finish her soon!


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Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Band samplers are so much fun. Stitching the repeating patterns is soothing.

Fiona said...

Very pretty, looking forward to watching it grow.

Nicola said...

She is so pretty Wilma and your stitching is perfectin.

Anne said...

The colours are so soft and pretty! Love your scissors!

Silkstitcher -Kay Lynn said...

I love band samplers! The colors so far are very pretty and have a relaxing feeling. Good luck as you stitch forward!

Cindy L said...

So lovely!