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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 15 April 2013

Post for Lori

Hello Everyone,

First is a thank you to Nicola and everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. Apologies for the late thanks, I had been away and I am just catching up with everything! Nicola, how did you know that pink is my favorite color?

Second is a post about my Scarlet letter stitching. I am stitching Nancy Nurse 1807. My husband’s family had a connection to the Nurse family in the 1600’s, so I thought this would be fun to stitch. I had purchased it a few years ago but never started, so this was the perfect opportunity to start. I like the work, however it is only three colors on the green linsey-woolsey linen. After seeing all the beautiful samplers full of gorgeous colors, I sent for The Scottish Band Sampler. (I am Scottish descent!) I have made small starts on both samplers and will post pictures when I figure out how!

Everyone’s samplers are beautiful. I have added quite a few charts to my list of samplers to stitch. I am enjoying reading about all the stitching. I will be better at posting about my own.

Thank you all again and Happy Stitching,


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Fiona said...

Welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing your samplers.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

To add a photo, look at the bar of icons above the box where you type your post, next to the word link there is a tiny photograph icon. Click there and follow the instructions from there.

Nicola said...

Dear Lori, I had thought that I commented when I posted for you but it is not here.

Nancy is a new sampler for me. I had missed her on the SL website. I am looking forwatrd to seeing a photo. If you email one to me I will add it to the post.