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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Parrot, Leopard, Lion Update

Hi Everyone
This is my progress to date on Parrot, Leopard, Lion.  I know it looks like I haven't achieved a lot since my last post, but I have started filling in some of the cream background and, even with tent stitch, it is quite slow going.  But I am still thoroughly enjoying this project and the colours in real life are amazing. 


I can only stitch this during the day as it is tent stitch over one on 35 count and it is too difficult to see at night so I had planned to start Joanna Warren for evening stitching.  But I have decided that might be a little too difficult for relaxing stitching after work.  So I have started Elizabeth Harborne.  (There isn't enough stitching to take a photo yet but I will include one in my next post.)  As we are heading into winter in New Zealand, I thought the lovely bright, warm colours of Elizabeth would be cheering to stitch at night and there is enough complexity to make it interesting.  I am also attempting to finish some UFOs this year & am alternating Elizabeth with those, so progress on her might be slow.  

I am so enjoying these 2 blogs and all the wonderful stitching and pictures to date.   They are truly inspirational!
Happy stitching everyone
New Zealand


samplerlover said...

Beautiful stitching. So many beautiful samplers on these 2 blogs.

Dee said...

Beautiful! Parrot, Leopard,Lion has beautiful colors.

Julierose said...

Lovely P,L,L work! The colors are truly amazing!! Julierose

Fiona said...

Your parrot, leopard and lion looks amazing. The colours are stunning. Looking forward to watching your progress on Elizabeth once you get started.

Nicola said...

Oh this is so pretty and I am enjoying seeing it grow.

Anne said...

I love watching this sampler grow. The colours just pop and spill off the screen! Elizabeth Harbone looks like she will be quite a pleasure to stitch.

Silkstitcher -Kay Lynn said...

This is an absolutely magnificent sampler! I can't even imagine 35 over 1, whether it is tent or cross stitch! Seems like you would get cross-eyed! I suppose you have some kind of magnification, unless your eyes are perfect! Can hardly wait to see this as you stitch along. Look forward to your next post.

Cindy L said...

Beautiful stitching! I did not realize that you had to fill in the background too.