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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mary Hart Sampler not finished yet

Mary Hart is such a pleasant and easy stitch, I really thought I would be be finished by now.
Unfortunately due a lot of distractions, that just isn't the case.

Here is a photo I took two days ago.

Since then, I have completed the border on both sides, and last night I made a small start on the cat.

Hopefully I will be back in just a few days with a finish!

I have just loved seeing all of your samplers!
I want to stitch them all!


Nicola said...

I want to stitch them all too.

You are so close to a finish and I just know it is going to look amazing.

MoonBeam said...

Looks like a fun.little piece.


Diana said...

I really like it & may have to add to my "to do" list - lovely

Cindy L said...

Erica, your Mary is so pretty! I think we have all added on a long list of to do samplers from this SL year!

Fiona said...

Another pretty sampler. You are making good progress.