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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Grace Catlin Progress

Miss Grace is coming along nicely. I am having a wonderful time stitching her.  The verse is stitched in Algerian Eyelet, over 2, which is very time-consuming, but produces a much nicer look than just cross stitch.
I am enjoying stitching Miss Grace so much!  The close-up shows the AE in the text.  It took me two+ hours to stitch one word!  I skipped down to start the honeysuckle band to keep me from getting bored doing hundreds of AE words! When I get my MF the wrinkles go away!  Until next week.
 Kay Lynn


llknbillburg said...

Just beautiful!! You are doing a wonderful job! Laura

Fiona said...

Grace looks stunning, the Algerian eyelets add something extra to the wording.

Vera said...

This is gorgeous! Beautiful work. Can't wait to see more. The colors are just wonderful.

Nicola said...

Her colours are scrumptious Kay Lynn and you have made such good progress.