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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Elizabeth Simon 1758 -WIP

Greetings to all my cyber stitcher friends!

My work on Elizabeth this last week has been very fruitful.  I made a lot of progress on her from last week.  I put Miss Grace down for most of the week so I could concentrate on Elizabeth.  There is something about Elizabeth that speaks to my heart.  I don't know what it is, maybe the beautiful curvy border, in colors that so resembles gently-flowing water, that brings peace to me as I stitch.  I think of the words of David's psalm and the hope it can bring to each of us in times of need, distress, or anytime we need encouragement.
I have only one more row to complete the six-row inner border.  I hope all you, my friends, enjoy the pictures of my progress as much as I have enjoyed stitching her this past week.

This is not the top, it is left side!
Closeup of flower motif
I will check in with everyone next week!  Have a happy and productive week of stitching!
Kay Lynn -silkstitcher Chattanooga


Silkstitcher -Kay Lynn said...

I have no clue how I posted my pictures twice! And there is no words! Now you all know why I need help. Is there a way to take down this duplicate? Thanks Kay Lynn

Julierose said...

Hi Kay-Lynn--those flowers are so lovely, they deserve to be seen twice. Julierose

A Canny Stitcher said...

Love both your samplers. The colours in Elizabeth are beautiful. Sorry, I can't help with the blogging. I'm a newbie myself and I'm always amazed when it works. Anne

Jenny said...

I too am learning about blogging one post at a time. Your sampler is looking lovely, I love the colors.

Fiona said...

Great progress the flowers look lovely.