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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Leopard Appears!

Hello everyone!

I have been working steadily on Hannah and Hannah only.  She is such a pleasure to stitch and not a very large sampler but rich with colour and beautiful motifs.  The leopard has now appeared! He is quite the majestic fella if you ask me!!

I loved stitching this tall flower! Each bud is unique and fun to stitch!!

I am in love with all of your samplers! It is hard being a part of this group because I want to stitch them all!! 

Looking forward to seeing more updates!

Take care



Jenny said...

Hannah is lovely Anne. I love the colors and you are right.......your leopard is very majestic. Beautiful job so far.

Vera said...

Oh! You are giving me incentive. I'm stitching PLL and my Leopard has not yet appeared...much to Petunia's dismay...she is longing for companions - LOL. Maybe a leopard isn't such a smart choice for a parrot's companion... Somehow, I think I have missed this chart in the past (how can that be?). I love it!

Rachel F said...

Anne, your border is so pretty! The tall flower is quite interesting to look at and must have been fun to stitch. Looking forward to seeing your majestic leopard getting his spots!

Fiona said...

Hannah is looking great. I think it would be fun to compile my own sampler using some of the elements I like from lots of other ones.

Marsha said...

I know exactly what you mean. So many samplers, so little time.