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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hannah Bennett circa 1810

I just realized that it has been ages since I last posted here, though I enjoy everyone else's posts every day. Such beauty being created here!

Several years ago, on one of my trips back home, I talked my sister into a visit to Sturbridge VIllage, just a few hours away from her home in Connecticut. Of course, I had my eye out for the samplers, and I bought a kit for one of them. It's Hannah Bennett circa 1810. It's an adorable little sampler, with lots of different stitches, and a whimsical scene with three canoeists. The boats are stitched in freehand, so I'll be practicing before I stitch that, I think.

Even though I have another project I'm trying to finish, I finally put a few stitches into Hannah this weekend. I was delighted to find that there are sections of pattern darning on the bottom, which I had not noticed before. I'm in a pattern darning mode these days, and have been scouring the net looking for sampler patterns with this stitch.

Here is a shot of my humble start:

The kit includes hand-dyed linen and DMC threads.

Elizabeth Simon 1758 -WIP

Greetings to all my cyber stitcher friends!

My work on Elizabeth this last week has been very fruitful.  I made a lot of progress on her from last week.  I put Miss Grace down for most of the week so I could concentrate on Elizabeth.  There is something about Elizabeth that speaks to my heart.  I don't know what it is, maybe the beautiful curvy border, in colors that so resembles gently-flowing water, that brings peace to me as I stitch.  I think of the words of David's psalm and the hope it can bring to each of us in times of need, distress, or anytime we need encouragement.
I have only one more row to complete the six-row inner border.  I hope all you, my friends, enjoy the pictures of my progress as much as I have enjoyed stitching her this past week.

This is not the top, it is left side!
Closeup of flower motif
I will check in with everyone next week!  Have a happy and productive week of stitching!
Kay Lynn -silkstitcher Chattanooga

My progress on Grace Catlin -1719

Greetings all SL Stitchers!
I can not believe I have been part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year blog for a month now!  I am enjoying every minute of it.  As I watch  everyone's samplers grow week by week it is such a treat!  My work on Grace is coming along nicely.  I so enjoy stitching on her daily, along with Elizabeth Simon.  The Algerian Eyelet section on the verse is very tedious, but once I get into a rhythm, it doesn't seem like it takes so long!  It's hard to see the effect of the AE though, with the dark blue-green silk.  Grace's teacher should have chosen a lighter silk, so it can at least be seen!  I try to think of her as I stitch, wondering just how old she was, and where in England she lived.  Did she stitch most of the day; and, was she allowed to play like children today after her stitching lesson was finished?  I love to muse!
 If anyone out there in blogger land wants to help me with posting, let me know.  I don't know how to make my post longer like most of you do, adding more than one WIP.    HELP!  Kay Lynn silkstitcher  Chattanooga

Grace Caplin

Closeup of Algerian Eyelet

Post for Barb D

Hello everyone--

First off, I'm so blown away by the beautiful work that you are all doing.  I look forward to progress emails and new blog postings.  Lots of inspiration from all.  
Progress on Coraggio: It's growing steadily.  Most all other projects are on hold, because there is such a beautiful flow in this piece, and I'm all caught up in the rhythms of it.  I have tweaked the color palette quite a lot and have been taking copious notes to keep track of it.  In my mind, half the fun of doing a project is in the planning and problem solving parts of it, so I tend to find reasons to go back to that part of it when  it makes sense.
I'm nearly finished with the TINY alphabet lines, though there is an oops: I used one shade darker for the last 4 small letters, but am not picking out as it would take me hours to do it, and you can't really tell unless you're looking.  If my eyes were better, I probably would, but alas.  
I will finish the band beneath the lions before starting the ribbon that wraps around the cartouche border lines and doing the TINY stitching in the verse.  It's a very pretty band, and as there some Celtic Knot style interlacing in the vines in that band, it's fun to work it out.

Barb Day

Happy Birthday Renee


Wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us.

The Bird Sampler is finished!

I managed to finish The Bird Sampler last night whilst watching the snooker!  Now it will go to the framers.
I am delighted with this sampler:  It is personalised with my sister's initials (HJL) and then 27.6 with 20 and 13 added below either side of the strawberry border.  I think this will be a lovely 60th birthday gift.
This is sewn on 25 count natural linen (as stated on the sampler instructions) and I used DMC threads.
There have been some amazing updates recently - some wonderful work, and I am particularly impressed with the number of you sewing one over one!  As you know this is totally beyond my eyesight.  There are so many wonderful SL samplers to choose from - so now the decision, which one to sew next! 

The Twigg Miniatures - A Finish :)

Although my little Twigg Miniatures are nowhere near the complexity of so many of the amazing Scarlet Letter samplers here, I was nevertheless pleased to have finished with stitching them - I found them to be charming and still a bit of a challenge, as I'd never done quite as much "over 1" stitching before.  Here are my photos of both of them completed: - Sarah's the "over 1" gal, while LT opened the way as an "over 2" project to start with. 

Sarah Twigg (Twigg Miniatures)

"LT" (Twigg Miniatures)
The only change that I made was eliminating some lazy daisy stitches in Sarah - when I'd finished about half of them, I had a closer look and thought that the sampler looked better without them, so exercised some artistic license and cut them out entirely :) 
I'm working on a couple of other samplers (non-SL) at the moment, but I'm so very tempted by one or two other Scarlet Letter pieces ..... we're spoiled for choice, aren't we? 
Thanks, Nicola and Jo, for the initiative and encouragement in this communal stitching adventure :) 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Twin Trees

Oh the delights of stitching on Hannah.  Every part of her I am enjoying.  From the fabulously unusual trees to the quirky leopard, she is a pleasure to stitch.  I am happy to be working on her steadily and aim to finish her in the next few months so I can move onto another amazing Scarlet Letter kit.

Much to my squealing delight, I was the second place winner in last month's draw.  Melody donated a beautiful SL kit called JCS 1707.  It arrived last week and I have been staring at this sampler a lot.  Although I have been thinking about starting it right away, I am not very good with having too many large projects on the go.  It makes me feel antsy for some reason.  So I just stare and dream of stitching all the little motifs and the Adam and Eve.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but this sampler has a lot going on.  Very subtle details that drawn you in for a second and third look.  I love how this is a German sampler and can be looked at upside down and all around.  Thank you again dear Melody for donating such a lovely prize!

I've been really loving watching everyone's samplers grow to fruition and reading people's posts.  I have quite a few samplers on my list thanks to this blog! My hubby winces as he watches the list grow.  He loves my stitching but he's worried about space!! Silly men!!

Take care everyone!


SDW - Week 26

I had a lovely stitching weekend, but of course didn't get as much done as I had thought.  Isn't that always the way.  Still good progress made on the bands.  I am banking on the fact that I missed a row on the necks of the dear further up, to make sure that I have enough room to fit all this in - lol!  Working up from the bottom may prove not to be the most sensible decision!!

I also changed the colours.  For me the original bands on this section are too blue, yellow orange.  I was thinking about this, and maybe it is because at the end of a long time stitching, those were the only colours SDW had left!

I have run out of 1713, so I substituted that for the slightly brighter blue that we used right up at the top, made my strawberries red (I hope they are strawberries - couldn't live with blue ones) and put some definition into the acorns.
SDW Week 26 
I am still thinking of doing the top band in red, so hopefully this will balance it all out.

Fingers crossed for a "before France finish" but I think that is wishful thinking.
SDW Original taken from SL website

Scarlet Letter Log

I think that I have figured out how to share this file with you all.
Right click on picture and save to your computer and then print from your computer.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Fox Has Gone to Ground

This Huntsman has been retired as the Fox has Gone to Ground!
Here in the US if the Fox has gone to ground he is spared.  Since I'm always cheering for the underdog my pouty faced huntsman will have to go home empty handed, but I'm all smiles as he is a Finish!

The Huntsman
35 count Golden Streak
DMC cotton thread 1 strand over 2

Hope everyone is enjoying spring and all the lovely flowers, and if its still to cold for flowers we can always stitch a garden full! 

Post for Wilma

Hi everyone,

Instead of finishing Dona Dorothea first, I suddenly found myself diving into my stash cupboard and I came up with this one: AW 1662!
An early English band sampler and what a beauty. She is such fun to stitch. So I thought I would share my progress so far.
I am stitching her on a 32ct Belfast with DMC threads.
Loving every single stitch. Promised Dona Dorothea to finish her soon!


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Parrot, Leopard, Lion Update

Hi Everyone
This is my progress to date on Parrot, Leopard, Lion.  I know it looks like I haven't achieved a lot since my last post, but I have started filling in some of the cream background and, even with tent stitch, it is quite slow going.  But I am still thoroughly enjoying this project and the colours in real life are amazing. 


I can only stitch this during the day as it is tent stitch over one on 35 count and it is too difficult to see at night so I had planned to start Joanna Warren for evening stitching.  But I have decided that might be a little too difficult for relaxing stitching after work.  So I have started Elizabeth Harborne.  (There isn't enough stitching to take a photo yet but I will include one in my next post.)  As we are heading into winter in New Zealand, I thought the lovely bright, warm colours of Elizabeth would be cheering to stitch at night and there is enough complexity to make it interesting.  I am also attempting to finish some UFOs this year & am alternating Elizabeth with those, so progress on her might be slow.  

I am so enjoying these 2 blogs and all the wonderful stitching and pictures to date.   They are truly inspirational!
Happy stitching everyone
New Zealand

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Bird Sampler progress

I feel that I have been somewhat slow stitching this lovely sampler, but that is probably because I am also making a king size wedding quilt and cross-stitching other samplers - all at the same time!  Multi-tasking is such fun!
I have almost finished this now - I have personalised with my sisters initials (HJL) and just need to add her birthdate or 2013, I will see how the stitch numbers work out - she will be 60 in June and this will be her special gift.
I love this sampler - sadly it is not on Martha's current list, but I believe a few of my fellow stitchers have this chart tucked away somewhere.
As always I am in awe of the beautiful work and finishes that have been posted - I want to sew almost every piece I see!
I hope everyone has a great weekend - I just wish it would warm a bit, the wind is so cold and takes the edge off the sunshine..... never mind, a good excuse to sit and sew rather than tackle the garden!

Picture This

Two clues - can you guess the sampler

EMAIL the name of the Sampler  to nicola.parkman@gmail.com and a name will be drawn on  May 15th.

You are welcome to leave a comment but not the answer.

SDW is finished and a gift

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

I finished SDW last night and am pleased with the results. She will be off to the framers on Monday.

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

I changed the top band and replaced the blackwork with a sentiment that is very applicable to me at the moment. This sampler has blessed me with some very dear friends.

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

This must be the largest flower motif I have ever stitched

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

I have included the initials of Michele, Elaine, Krista, Shannon and Robyn who have stitched her with me.

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

The bands at the end were great fun to stitch.

SDW - German Band Sampler Scarlet Letter

I want to share with you a beautiful gift I received from Carmen. Carmen has charted and stitched the Scarlet Letter logo

and embellished a project pouch with it.

Carmen's stitching is exquisite and the fabric she has chosen just WOWED me. I will cherish this.

With Marsha's permission Carmen has made the chart available to anyone who wishes to stitch their own logo up, I have been trying to work out how to upload a pdf of the chart onto the blog so that others can download it. Can anyone help with how you do this?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Finally Finished - Ann Smith

Here is Ann Smith in all her glory:

Ann Smith
36 ct. Magnolia and AVAS Threads

I love how colorful she is.  I think that she has become one of my favorite samplers.  Ann took me just short of four months to complete.  I know that she would have gone quicker if it wasn't for all the over one stitching, but that stitching was so worth doing.  The picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful she is.

Now I'm searching for my next SL piece.  I have one picked out, but with so many wonderful choices, I might just have to pick out two.  I've posted a few more pictures of Ann on my blog if you care to look.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Post for Sampler Annie - A New Model for Scarlet Letter

I was very excited tonight to receive an email from Sampler Annie with some photos to post of her latest finish - a model for The Scarlet Letter of Katie Sym. I understand that Katie will be available for purchase in approx. a month.

Miss Sym is described on the SL website as

"an exquisitely stitched classic Scottish sampler featuring illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band, traditional motifs including peacocks, birds drinking at the Fountain of Life, feather trees an family initials".

She is certainly stunning and Sampler Annie has stitched her beautifully.

Manifesto -- yay for my stand!

My Aristo lap stand from Needle Needs arrived, so I dived back into stitching Manifesto.

I'm stitching it on 40ct silk gauze with AVAS.  I don't know how Holly stitches hers so quickly.  lol!  My magnifiers are in the pic to give an idea of the size.

Here it is on my lap stand.

The lap stand works wonderfully!

A Finish

Russian Red Rooster
32ct Belfast Linen in Flax
stitched in AVS threads

I have enjoyed every stitch of this simple but so beautiful sampler.   Some of you know that I keep chickens and a cockerel so this sampler was just perfect.  The verse is so true, and quite relevant to our stitching group.  Maybe the AVS thread doesn't fit into the frugality bit, but we are all certainly very industrious with our hands, and contented in our stitching.

Rebecca Cullin

 Thought that you might like to see where I'm up to with Rebecca.

I finished the fan carnation which was fun.

I'm currently working on the next section which is all satin stitch and then I have to do the berries again similar to what was done in the first section of this strip.  I'm hoping to finish Rebecca in the next few weeks. I only have to put the flowers and leaves underneath the bit that I'm working on and also do it again in the opposite side.

I must say that I have really enjoyed working on Rebecca and seeing how she has evolved into such a beautiful girl.

Post for Julie H.

I am a novice counted cross-stitcher beginning my journey with the Dora Sanger Sampler.
Here is a picture
of my Sampler so far. I have done the complete outer border and the border for the alphabet segment. And...(phew!) the letter "a".   
I have found that the straight line cross stitch gets easier as I go--but  finding where to start each alphabet letter is much more difficult. 
I wondered if any of you do any kind of marking (thread, dots, etc) to enable you to quickly find where things start?  I notice the chart has every 10 stitches marked with a heavier line--I ask because when I did needlepoint (years ago!) I used to mark my canvas with horizontal and vertical lines to make the counting easier. Since needlepoint yarn is pretty thick, those marks got covered by the stitching.
Hopefully, I'll have a lot more to show you on my next post. I am thoroughly enjoying this new stitchery. 
Hugs, Julierose

Monday, 22 April 2013

I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!

Here is a quick shot of my Sunday's progress on The Manifesto!

I worked for several hours on it, but you can't tell I did too much!

Happy Stitches,


SDW Week 25

I am loving reading everyone's posts and seeing all the lovely work that is being achieved.

Small progress this week.  I have been in a show at our local theatre, so too many late nights and with all its colours,  SDW is not easy to transport.
SDW Week 25

I have decided to work the three narrow bands on the right hand side first, so that I get a bottom marker to work towards.  The colours in these final bands are so lovely.

Russian Red Rooster,  however, has come on leaps this week.  Easy to transport and only two colours made it my ideal companion this week.  A one costume show, and a mike check at 6pm, meant that I was "stage ready" a good 75 mins early, which gave me plenty of stitching time each evening.  So cup of tea, in one hand and sewing in the other, I found myself a quiet corner and we now have a Red Rooster!
A couple more sessions should see him ready for the framers.

Russian Red Rooster - bottom section
Russian Red Rooster 

Normal service to be resumed and more progress this week I hope on SDW.

Happy stitching all.

Michele x