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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Progress on my English Transitional Sampler

It seems like I spend alot of time thinking about the Scarlet Letter Challenge, quite a bit of time inviting new friends to join in, less time actually stitching my SL and even less time blogging about it!!

January was spent setting up Blog Two, February I did manage some stitching, hurrah!

Here is my latest photo:

It is straight in real life, I scanned it on the huh!

I'm stitching on the 35count linen provided using AVAS for the first time.  I thought the coverage was lovely but the thread wasn't lasting very well.  Then I re-read the instructions - "on 35count use 2 strands" (so far so good) "of cotton".   oops.  Last sentence "use one strand of silk throughout". 

So I've used an entire skein stitching 3/5 of this band already.  I experimented using 1 strand for the little circles you can see in the middle and it looks ok.  Once I have finished the red outline I'll stitch the rest of the circles in 1 strand of the relevant colours and see how it looks.  Then I'll make the decision to continue all the rest of the sampler in 1 strand or buy double the thread and stitch it all in 2.  Frogging that red is NOT AN OPTION!

I do read every single post on both blogs but don't often get time to comment.  The stitching is amazing and some of you really are speedy stitchers!


Erica said...

Yes, red certainly is a pain to frog, but it really is gorgous!

MoonBeam said...

Oh gosh, that is terrible. What you have stitched looks wonderful, but I hate stitching with two strands anymore.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thanks for all the help in getting me (and three of my friends) registered and ready to begin. I'm sure your help has been huge in getting this big party rolling.

Again, thanks, Jo.


Cindy L said...

Jo, it does look lovely. I would also try to make do and not frog all that red.

Stitch Wizard said...

Jo, your start is just really pretty!! Thank you for all that you do here in this wonderful SAL. The red is my favorite color and I am going to love watching your progress here!! :)

Nicola said...

Jo without you this year would not have been possible.You do sooooo much in the background and I will always be very thankful to have such an amazing friend.

You have given so generously your time which with young children cannot be easy.

Kevin said...

Oh no! I felt so bad for you when I read this. Definitely don't frog what you've done! It looks too beautiful. I vote on buying the extra floss and continuing with the 2 strands - just my two cents. Beautiful job!

Lanie said...

Jo this is beautiful! Red on a sampler and you've got me hooked!
I too am so grateful for all you have done for the SLY ... HUGH "thank you"!

Fiona said...

I love the look of your border and the red is stunning, but I'mm with you, there is no way I would frog the red. Thank you for all your hard work in setting up Blog Two it is a great place to visit and make new friends.