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Monday, 25 March 2013

Jane Atkinson and SDW - An Update

I am so inspired by all the beautiful stitching I am seeing on the blogs. My SL charts are growing at an alarming rate. I cannot wait to stitch each day, it is such a shame that housework and other chores have to be done first.

Here is an overdue update on Jane.

Jane Atkinson

There is not too much left to do. I have some further lettering to stitch but as I have gone away from the original verse I wanted to complete the bottom flowers before finalising how much extra I can add to the top.

I would like to include our names, wedding date and place, then a further one line saying. I will also need to add some butterflies, mouse and leaves around the lettering.  

In anticipation of a finish her frame has been chosen and the wood ordered.


SDW is progressing. I forgot to stitch the duck's bottom and did not realise until I saw the photograph. It is surprising how much detail you can notice from a photo, it is a good way for checking for waste knots too.


I am afraid that I missed my stitching session yesterday on Manifesto as I could not stop stitching Jane. As soon as Jane is finished I am upping the time on Manifesto to two days per week. I am amazed that no matter how many hours you put into the sampler it never seems if much progress has been made. It is so BIG.

I have to get back to the housework, Monday is always a busy day. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.


HollyXSing said...

Way to go, Nicola....Much progress on ALL fronts!

I love your Jane...she is on my list to stitch!

Have a wonderful week,


Jenny said...

How exciting that Jane is almost finished! She is beautiful and I love the verse you have chosen. It will be so wonderful to see her framed. SDW and Manifesto are beautiful as well. I love both of those of samplers........I keep adding to my list......every week........but what a good thing......grins.....Happy Stitching.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Jane looks fabulous and I love the verse you've chosen to stitch. You're making great progress on SDW and Manifesto even if you think you aren't.
You need to keep the SL blogs running as long as it takes ua all to finish Manifesto. :-)

Deb said...

They all look wonderful Nicola!!! I've missed a few days of stitching the Manifesto too, but I'm going to be back at it soon!!

Stitch Wizard said...
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Stitch Wizard said...

Nicola your stitching is such a treat for me to see today as it is soooo beautiful and you have gotten so much done on all of them. I have got to get back to Jane after seeing yours. I have really been loving Manifesto but you have more done on yours than I have. I can't seem to put it down and I am using a Q snap with my stand right now so I can stitch with both hands. Two handed stitching is the only way to stitch for me now and so much faster. I just thank you so much for showing me how it is done! Beautiful progress you have made!! :)

Bhooma said...

Jane is looking awesome. Makes me want to start mine :)

Bethany said...

I sure love Jane, maybe I'll have to but that on a wish list. You sure do some beautiful samplers, were do you hang them when you are finished, do they have a special place in your home?

SonjaC said...

Jane is beautiful, I am jealous. SDW is amazing as well, I have finally started on Manifesto and although there is barely anything done i am so glad to be doing it. Thanks for the challenge on that as well, I may not have done without your idea. Thanks again

Faye said...

Oh wow Nicola!! Amazing progress on all three pieces,
... I do love Jane so much... It is definitely one I hope to stitch one day... And your personalization is fantastic! Both of your other pieces are gorgeous as well.... I am enjoying all of them unfold!

Margaret said...

They're all gorgeous, Nicola. Just wonderful!

Lanie said...

Hi Nicola!
I am so in love with your Jane! The verse you chose is perfect. SDW continues to be amazing ... each section is a viewing treat.

samplerlover said...

Oh I love Jane. You have made so much progress and she looks wonderful. Love how you are personalizing her. SDW is really an amazing sampler. Everytime I see it I think how beautiful it is. I know the feeling about housework lol. It would be wonderful if somebody else came along and did it for us :).

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Nicola, I love the verse you've chosen. A & E samplers are a favorite of mine. This is just perfect. Congrats on the nice progress.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Nicola, I love the verse you've chosen. A & E samplers are a favorite of mine. This is just perfect. Congrats on the nice progress.

Krista said...

Absolutely beautiful, Nicola! Your Jane Atkinson is stunning, you are so close to the finish, I can see why it is hard to put it down!

Isn't it amazing when you look at SDW from top to bottom at how much there is?! It is a treasure!

Cindy L said...

Nicola, all your samplers are so beautiful. I have added both Jane and SDW to my list too (just need to find the time for all the ones I've added).

Fiona said...

All three samplers look amazing and you have made great progress. I'm with you on the housework and chores, they really do interfere with my stitching time.