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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 10 March 2013


Afternoon, Ladies....After an expensive trip to Elegant Stitch (my LNS) three weeks ago, I'm finally off and running with Jane Atkinson and Rebecca Robinson, my newest friends!  I say "expensive" because I go to ES about three/four times a year (an hour and a half away).....this time, I ended up
having to pull off the freeway, in the midst of farmland and orchards, about 20 mins away from the shop, due to alarm bells and smoke coming from under the hood!  After a tow to a repair shop, an announcement that it wouldn't be ready to drive until the next day, a sidetrip to a car rental establishment, renting the only car left (a gorgeous bright red Chrysler 300 with all the bells and
whistles you could ever possibly need, i.e., heated seats, heated steering wheel, heated or iced
cup holders, we were back on the road.  All I wanted was an ignition and the ability to go forward and backward!  This was all a preface to buying the linen for my two new friends (and I did manage to
find some linen for Emma Miles, along with some other goodies!  Probably the most expensive trip
I've ever made to any needlework shop!  But.....I digress ..... here is Janie, way into her infancy compared to others who are stitching her (I love watching Nicola's Jane enfold, it's gorgeous).  I've loved this sampler ever since I first saw her on
Days of a Sampler Lover blogspot and kept procrastinating DMC/silks....silks/DMC....the silks won out on #40 Weeks Dye Works "Beige" linen. 

And here's my friend, Rebecca, who is appearing on #40 WDW "Linen" linen.

I'm loving watching all the postings....so many talented ladies and men in the stitching world!


Faye said...

Love love love Rebeca especially..... You are going to SO enjoy stitching this piece.... Jane is on my jacket list also....

Glad you recovered from the fiasco!!!!

Nicola said...

Oh Carole what an adventure. It is never a convenient time to have car trouble but on the way to an LNS for a very important purchase is beyond. LOL!!!

I loved that nothng was going to stop you getting there.

I am so pleased that you are stitching Jane and Rebecca, both are beautiful. I have been so inspired by Faye and Rachel's Rebecca and I know you will enjoy Jane.

Have fun with your stitchng and look forward to seeing some more photos soon.

Deb said...

You'r'e off to a wonderful start on both your pieces.

I'm glad that you made it to the shop even with all the car troubles!!

Pat L said...

You are doing a beautiful job! We've had some of the same experiences with the car---We hit the Orlando area frequently and I think our cars believe that it is their vacation spot as well!

Pam Tanner said...

For us cross stitch a-holics/addicts, when we have money in our wallets, the pull to get fabric for that chart you have been drooling to start, or you just have to peek to see if there is another chart that you can't possibly live without, lord forbid anything that gets between us and our favorite cross stitch store. Ain't no mountain high enough....

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great start to your stitching and blogging! Hope you enjoy the second as much as the first.
The journey to the needlework shop sounds like a real adventure, at least you got to drive a nice car on the way.

Kevin said...

Both projects are beautiful. Every time I see someone post a pic of Jane Atkinson, I keep getting pushed a little closer to that purchase screen on Scarlet Letter! Lovely work.

Lanie said...

Great story! You have two new very pretty friends to keep you company!

Fiona said...

What an eventful trip, but it was worth it to get your linen. Both your pieces look great.