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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 4 March 2013


First off, here is my The Hart progress.  Slow but sure.  It would be faster but for distractions.

And here is one of the distractions.  My Millenium Frame from Needle Needs arrived!  I stitch in hand, but I want to use 40ct silk gauze and stitch in tent stitch over one for Manifesto.  So I bought the frame to hold the silk gauze.  I had to use some scrap pieces of linen to go into the groove with the silk gauze to hold it in place -- the silk gauze is very thin compared to linen, and also a bit slick in comparison.  But the linen helps it stay in place.  Here is my progress on Manifesto in my frame.

And here is a close up.  I put my 3 1/2 Dovo scissors in the picture to give you an idea of the size.

It's a nice change of pace stitching on the 40ct silk gauze with the AVAS.

I'm enjoying seeing everyone's SL pieces.  My Scarlet Letter wish list is miles long!


MoonBeam said...

Your Hart is really looking great. Nice work.

Your Manifesto....is going to be magnificent. I can't even imagine how wonderful it will be.

Good luck!


Patricia in Canada said...

Very nice start to Manifesto! And I like your Hart too. Do you like the Millenium frame? Mine will come soon, I hope!

Lanie said...

Hi Margaret! Love your "Hart Lives ..." it has been added to my list! I also stitch in hand with a sewing motion all on top of the linen. I don't think I'll change directions now, but I am considering the Millenium frame to use when stitching certain projects and speciality stitches. I would appreciate any feedback you have to this new "style" of stitching.

Kathy said...

Hey Margaret, I know you're excited to finally be working on Manifesto. And, you're off to a great start already. Your Hart Sampler is beautiful and it looks like it won't be long before you'll be doing some happy dancing with it. ;)

Nicola said...

I am in awe of you stitching Manifesto on silk gauze Margaret. It is going to be outstanding.

Mr & Mrs Hart are so very nearly there :o))

Annette-California said...

Oh Margaret! I've not seen anyone stitch on silk gauze before. Its looks so beautiful. And you got your Millenium frame - wow, how exciting. And Mr and Mrs Hart are soo beautiful and hansom:) Gorgeous!
love Annette

Marsha said...

The Hart is looking marvelous and Manifesto will be a masterpiece. You are amazing.

Marsha said...

The Hart is looking marvelous and Manifesto will be a masterpiece. You are amazing.

brod'attitude said...

Your hart it's very nice congratulations

Fiona said...

Hart looks amazing and it looks like it won't be too long before you are finished. The more I see Manifesto and on silk gauze the more I hear it calling my name. Maybe I will treat myself to a birthday gift next month.

Stitch Wizard said...

This is so pretty Margaret!! You are such a wonderful stitcher and your samplers are always just perfect!! How do you like stitching on the silk gauze? I may have to try it one day.:)