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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dorothy's Progress 3

Dorothy is back but progress is slow! I am stressed over the over 1 stitches ha ha! The crosses are tiny on 40ct and I am not very pleased with them. Progress is really slow and I jump over to start the next band, the eyelets, lots of them!

Can you see, only a few over 1 words?

At least, I finished all the satin stitch alphabets!

Another reason for the slow progress is because I am distracted by other projects along the way ha ha! I hope to show more in my next update!



Nicola said...

Over 1 on 40ct must hurt the eyes but just think how beautiful Dorothy will look when hung on your sampler wall.
Your stitching is exquisite and a joy to see.

Jenny said...

Your Dorothy is beautiful Ellen. Your over one stitching is really stunning and I applaud you for continuing on.

Lanie said...

Your Dorothy is lovely, Ellen! I love the look of over 1 stitching once completed, but it does take all my patience to get there.
Good luck and enjoy!

Kerri said...

Keep going - there are lots of other fun parts to do on this lovely sampler. I am stuck on the verse too, but just commit to stitching one word a session. So far I have the same 3 words finished you do! LOL!

SonjaC said...

I have to agree the words were not fun, I was tempted to tent stitch them but I persevered and crossed them. Over one on 40 count is definitely not my favorite, but the result is worth it, your work is lovely.

Stitch Wizard said...

You are making beautiful progress on your sampler. I love stitching on 40ct fabric and I am stitching on 40 ct for my Elizabeth Sheffield sampler. It has a lot of over 1 stitching on it and I have learned that to do a tent stitch on over 1 on this count works wonders and it covers really well too. It makes it much easier to do it this way. This is so pretty!

Bethany said...

The colors in this sampler are so bright and cheery. Beautiful

Cindy L said...

Ellen, your Dorothy is so lovely. I never did over 1 on 40ct but I know it is slow going on 36ct.

Fiona said...

I would only manage over 1 on 40ct if I used a magnifier and would have to take it slow too. You are doing a fantastic job and Dorothy look great.