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Monday, 25 March 2013

Blog Two is Full!

Yes, you read that correctly, Blog Two is now full.

We currently have 198 contributors across both blogs (Nicola and I have a place on both blogs) plus 11 more Stitchers that contribute via email to Nicola and me then we post on their behalf.

Who would have thought that in under four months we would have so many enthusiastic Stitchers gathered in one place to celebrate Nicola's special birthday and our mutual love of stitching?

We want as many people as possible to be able to join in with the challenge and share their progress pictures with the group, so here is a little request to all the existing contributors -

We would like to set up a "buddy" system for any new stitchers.  The new person would be paired with an existing contributor and email their progress pictures and posts to that person rather than posting direct to the blog.  Their buddy would then make a post on their behalf, under their own sign-in but entitling it "a post on behalf of Ethel".

If you would be willing to act as a buddy to a new Stitcher then please email me, Jo, at my usual address.  We will limit it to one person per buddy so you don't spend all your time posting for other people!  Any questions about how it would work, then please email me.  It will simply be a case of receiving one or two emails a month then copying and pasting the contents into a blog post.

Thanks in advance.

The second request comes from a discussion Nicola and I were having about the international nature of the group.  We haven't kept a record of where everyone comes from and thought it would be fun to find out.  Most of us live in the USA or England but I know we have representatives of several other countries stitching with us.  So if you come from a country other than USA or England, please leave us a comment on this post.  Maybe you still live in your home country, maybe you've emigrated, we'd love to know.  Incidentally, Wales and Scotland are separate countries but Cornwall is not, you don't have home-rule yet!


Rachel said...

That is just crazy! Congrats ladies! You are doing an awesome job! It is incredibly fun to watch both blogs!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Hi Jo and Nicola I live in Scotland, near Edinburgh. I don't know how many other Scottish stitchers are taking part.

Ellen said...

Wow, it's great to see so many stitchers gather together to enjoy this Challenge!

I live in Singapore, a food paradise! The weather here is either hot or rainy ha ha! No seasons!


Rowyn M said...

Hi everyone

I live near Wellington, New Zealand.

Happy Scarlett Letter stitching!

Patricia said...

I live in British Columbia, Canada near Vernon in the Okanagan Valley. I just received my Millenium Frame and have started Manifesto.

Louise said...

I live in the south of France, though originally I am from New York State.

Bhooma said...

I am originally from India. I emigrated to the US in 1978 and have been living in Indianapolis, IN.

Fiona said...

I live in the north west highlands of Scotland.