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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 22 March 2013

A round(ish) sampler that has been reproduced- Ann Wimp.


Vera said...

I like this one a lot -- so different in the shape. Thanks Marsha!!

Nicola said...

After seeing some beautiful oval frames on a visit to my framers and searching for charted oval reproduction samplers, a question on sampler world and not one suggestion other than for originals I was amazed to see that there was one on the SL site that is nearly oval !!!

Two questions:-

How after hours and hours studying Marsha's charts are there ones coming up I have failed to notice. The site is like Mary Poppins carpet bag.

There appear to be quite a few original oval samplers - why have more not been charted?l

JoAnn said...

I was ready to order the sampler kit the moment I looked at it, but when I read it was stitched over one I stopped my hand from clicking.

I also have seen oval sampler patterns, but my question is:
Why haven't more of the beautiful mourning samplers been reproduced? SL has one simply titled "Mourning Sampler" and I have stitched that one, but I'm talking about the ones with tombstones, weeping willow trees and sad mourners.