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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Very Little Progress on Ann Smith

I've made very little progress on Ann Smith this week due to working on The Manifesto one night (and getting very little done that evening) and a Sunday SAL.  But here's my progress on the ole girl:

I managed to get the blue flower in on the left border and the over one verse.  Now it's on to the fun and games with the over one section.  I think that it's going to be a challenge.

I didn't get very much stitched on the Manifesto:

I've designated Wednesday nights to work on the Manifesto, but I'm really anxious to start working on the sky below the verse on Ann, so may just stay on Ann tonight.  I'm working the Manifesto on 25 count Jobelan that I found lurking around in the stash bin and it's really an enjoyable stitch on that fabric.  The pleasures of working over one, but the holes are large enough where it doesn't make me cross-eyed working on it.

I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's updates on their pieces.  I think that I've added quite a few to the list of samplers that I want to acquire.


llknbillburg said...

Your Ann is truly gorgeous! And congrats on your Manifesto start. Any start is a good one, even a small one! Laura

Fiona said...

You may think that you haven't made much progress, but remember that you stitched a lot over one. Love the blue flower a very pretty shade.

woolwoman said...

I just love your Ann - so beautiful ! you are brave to tackle Manifesto - it is just gorgeous. hope I don't succumb

Carmen Sutton said...

Are you stitching in hand or using a roller frame? Just a heads up when I stitched the over one section it got a little katiwampus (sp?) so you may whan to make adjustments before you proceed or at least keep an eye on it (I sitch in hand). It is lovely!

Deb said...

Hi Carmen - I answered you in an email, but thought that I'd also answer it here. I'm using a scroll rod so I'm hoping that nothing goes katiwampus. I am a little concerned, however, as I am not sure how far down I was suppose to start the red verse underneath the section above. As the border is not lined up with that section (the section appears on another page) I can either go along as I'm doing (I went down four threads from the section above for the red verse, or I can stitch the left border until I come to a section on the chart where the over one section ends. From that point I could work the over one section up to the red verse and sky and hope that nothing crashes together.

Sounds confusing doesn't it?

Nicola said...

Oh Deb you must be thrilled with Ann, she is exquisite. I can totally understand you wanting to give her as much time as possible.

Well done on starting Manifesto.

Evelyne said...

Your Ann Smith look so bright and beautiful!!
Such a beautiful colors.
Happy stitching.

Hugs Evelyne