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Monday, 4 February 2013

SDW Week 14 and Jane


Hurray, the church is finished together with the band. There are so many stitches that I feel as if I could almost have stitched a sampler in its own right. Next Saturday I will start on the alphabets.

I wonder if I will have Manifesto this week so I can start this Sunday, she is going to be my Sunday project. I am looking out for the postman and I am ashamed to say that this morning I actually drove into the village looking for him just in case. LOL !!! Don't worry he is used to me and my sewing supplies.

Jane Atkinson
Jane is progressing well. She is bigger than I thought which seems a silly thing to say when I know what size she is. I think that it is probably that she "pops" off the fabric creating the feeling.

Jane Atkinson
I did have to unpick a flower on Friday that I stitched in the wrong place Thursday evening. I was so enthralled by the last few chapters of my book that I wasn't concentrating. My missing thread arrived and I have gone back over my stitching filling in where needed.

The flowers are so vibrant. This is where I am at the moment.

Jane Atkinson

I had an Instant Message from Archie this morning sending his Nana a kiss and I cannot resist sharing it with you.

Now I wonder if Manifesto will arrive tomorrow ..... ????


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, Archies is soooo adorable!! You are really zipping along on your WIPS. So beautiful! Sorry about the frogging.

Angie Burrett said...

Little Archie is just so gorgeous Nicola: I love seeing your photos of him - he is growing fast. As always your samplers are just beautiful - do hope the postman arrives with your Manifesto tomorrow - a Sunday project is a great idea - might just have to do that too! Have a great week xx

Mindi said...

Jane is looking gorgeous with all those lush flowers, you're moving right along with her. I'm glad the church is finished, that was a rather large "band," it will be nice to move along to something new. That's one reason I've always loved band samplers.

KB said...

Oh how cute is Archie.. love those little cheeks... what great progress you have made on Jane... she was a really fun stitch and hope you are enjoying her as much as I did... SDW looks awesome also... Oh Manifesto.. I so hope she shows up at your door soon... what great fun she is to stitch.. can't put her down...Have a great week my dear friend!

Cindy L said...

WOW...Nicola you have gotten so much done on Jane and SDW. They are both beautiful. Archie is adorable!

Stitch Wizard said...

Your progress on SDW and Jane are just amazing! Jane is just a beautiful blooming flower garden there with you near the ocean and I am so inspired to work on my after seeing yours! Little Archie really does look like he is sending you a kiss and he is such a cute little guy! I hope that your Manifesto gets there very soon!! Happy Stitching!

Miss Pants said...

Awe..Nana's do love their special picture messages! (my mom is Nana to my little girl).

Beautiful progress on the stitching...I am so jealous. I've caught the cold my little one has and I haven't felt much like stitching.

HollyXSing said...

It looks like Little Archie is going to be your Valentine this year;)

Your Jane is lovely and you have made great progress on SDW!

Thanks for sharing,

-Holly in VA

woolwoman said...

I had to chuckle about you hunting down the postman in case he had a SL delivery of importance for you. Jane is one of my favorite samplers - I have the chart in stash but just can't go there - not now anyway - your SDW is gorgeous - great job on completing that huge church. Your other masterpiece (little Archie ) is coming along nicely as well - Cheers Melody

Suzanne said...

What a cute photo of Archie! SDW is looking good, but my goodness, how much stitching in that church. Every time I see your Jane Atkinson I just want to pull my kitted one out and make a start. I just have to resist until some of my WIPs are done.

samplerlover said...

Cute photo of Archie. Love your SDW it is coming along nicely and I have always loved Jane. I love samplers with big floral borders. Your story of stalking the postman is quite funny.

Lanie said...

Wow Nicola! You had a very productive week! Jane just gets more and more stunning...love her! Oh I hope your Manifesto comes soon.
Baby Archie is too precious for words! Perfect little expression on his face!

Tommye said...

Your piece is almost as beautiful as the kisses!

Really stunning border. Makes me want to start it myself.

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...


Nicola, all of your first four pictures are P-R-E-T-T-Y


the fifth is

What a little doll baby and he looks like he's all puckered up for giving Nana that kiss.

Rowyn said...

Jane Atkinson is bold and beautiful.

I hope the postman delivers Manifesto soon (so you won't need to chase him around the town for a while). LOL

Oh my, I bet you can't get enough of those kisses from Archie. What a handsome wee fellow.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

I think you have some magic fairies that come out at night to help stitch your samplers so quickly. You should ask them to stalk the postman too.

Seriously - all your works are lovely.

Archie is so attentive and absolutely adorable.

Krista said...

Amazing progress, my friend! You are zipping along like crazy! Love all of the flowers in this one. Archie is such a cutie.

Fiona said...

Great progress on both SDW and Jane. The flowers on Jane look stunning. Archie is just a sweetie.

Annette-California said...

Awe so precious - Archie is Amazing & beautiful. I bet his kiss made your day:) Jane is looking so colorful and pretty. I am still laughing about the hunting the the postman. love Annette

anniebeez said...

Jane is so gorgeous! I can't believe how fast you stitch! Archie is the sweetest most kissable baby!! My daughter is starting to "show"!!! Can't wait for June!!

Jennifer H said...


Oh he is so adorable - his Nana is lucky to get such kisses.

And I can't believe the speed at which you are going on with the WIP's. You are truly amazing. All that stitching, a grandbaby, and still you find time to do blogging!

May I build a shrine to you? ;P

Hugs and Love,