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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 11 February 2013

SDW Sampler SAL Week 15

Slow progress but at least I managed a couple of hours this week. If anyone is thinking of stitching this in AVAS silks be aware that the Dark Navy Blue 1425 colour is difficult to find as it is 'inactive' according to AVAS, the closest match is 1426. I am still waiting on mine, so will have to go back and fill in the missing bits later!


Cindy L said...

Elaine, I love seeing the updates on this sampler. It is so pretty.

Kevin Tober said...
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Kevin Tober said...

Lovely shades of color on this piece. I noticed you have one area outlined, and am wondering if many of you tend to outline larger areas and then go back and fill them in? Seems like it would make things a bit easier.

Also, when using AVAS, do you stitch your reproduction samplers one full cross at a time, or do a row of half crosses and return by stitching the top leg of the crosses? I'm going to be using AVAS for the first time, and I wasn't sure if they are variegated or solid colors? They look as if they're solid, but I'd like to make absolutely sure I do my first reproduction sampler correctly. Thanks!

Nicola said...

My first comment does not seem to have appeared.

Life gets in the way sometimes Elaine but you have still made wonderful progress. Be proud my friend.

Jenny said...

Beautiful work on a beautiful sampler!

Lanie said...

Bit by bit SDW continues to emerge as a beauty!

Fiona said...

The more I see of this sampler the more I think I will add it to my wish list. Steady progress is better than no progress.