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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Post for Barbara G - Linen Storage


When I purchase linen for embroidery I always try to iron out the crease that is often there. Much nicer to get a piece without but not always possible. I staple a label to the top with name, colour, size and where purchased, etc., whatever you need to know. I then roll it on a tube (paper towel, wrapping paper, etc.) along with a few others of the same count and put it in bags that I have made. I label the outside of the bag and store them all in a drawer or a large plastic container ( the kind used for wrapping paper).

I don’t buy linen by the yard but in smaller amounts so they fit most tubes. I made my bags out of leftovers from my quilting days. Bags of different sizes can also be used to store ongoing projects rolled on their bars. A drawstring could also be added if you are going to transport it.

Barbara G

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Nicola said...

What a brilliant idea. I was rummaging around in my stash this morning and came across a lot of linen I had forgotten I had.

Not only is your way good for keeping the linen pristine it is a good way for knowing exactly what you have in each count.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Miss Pants said...

What a neat storage idea! I like the covers and labeling for sure!

Althoug.. I work as an archivist and I would be a little worried about the high acidity in cardboard interacting with the linen and dyes. Especially the over-dyed and hand-dyed pieces that are so popular these days.

MoonBeam said...

Wow...very organized. I like your idea.


Dot said...

How absolutely brilliant!

Marlene said...

I have been thinking about storing my linen in cloth pouches laid out. Your method would be great for larger pieces of linen.
Perhaps covering the tube with acid free tissue or another piece of washed linen or cloth (an old pillowcase) would help the acidity from the cardboard.
I love your idea.

sheravery said...

Awesome! I have been doing something somewhat similar. I also iron my pieces, roll them against themselves, then store them in mailing tubes I purchased from the post office. I have since done a rethink, wondering if the cardboard tubes would harm the fabric. Your way seems much better, not to mention much prettier. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!


Fiona said...

What a great idea.