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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 11 February 2013

More stash than stitching.

Well since my last post I've made very little progress on Dorothy Walpole due to a neck and shoulder issue.
I'm trying various adjustments to the way I stitch to see if it helps to reduce the level of pain I'm having - one of the major changes is that I'm trying to stitch "in hand" instead of working on siesta bars.
I haven't shown a photo of Dorothy as there is so little change from last time,  but I have included a snap of a little start I made on the Gardner's Pocketbook.

I like the way that all the outlines are done in black first - it should make it fun when the time comes to insert the colour.

Having the "popping" shoulder problem didn't stop me from adding some new charts.  I'm not planning on stitching each one as it is shown - in fact with three of the four I'm going to select areas of the sampler to stitch for small items such as little pouches/sweet bags.

You'll see from my choices that I like strong, vibrant colours.  It's not that I don't like soft muted tones but when I'm working on a design I do enjoy the brighter colours.  You'll also notice that I like bargello panels as part of a design.

I just love the flowers in the tablet sampler - I think I may do two separate floral panels from this design.
The Rachel Jarret sampler has lots of satin stitch in it which is another stitch I enjoy doing.

Hopefully next time I'll have more progress to show on Dorothy and on The Gardner's Pocketbook.


Cindy L said...

Ann, I'm so glad you are doing Gardner's pocketbook. I find it interesting with such pretty colors. Looking forward to photo updates.

Kevin Tober said...

I absolutely love the top two charts pictured with the vibrant colors! I see one is titled Flamestitch Sampler, but was wondering the name of the chart underneath it?
I believe the Walpole sampler also has a Bargello section, correct?
So sorry to hear of your neck and shoulder issues. I suffer from chronic back pain and find using lots of pillows of various shapes and sizes are crucial for me to use under my arm and behind my back if I am going to be stitching. I must look crazy, but it helps me enjoy my stitching nearly pain free or at least reduced.

Nicola said...

I am so sorry you have suffering with your shoulders and neck. I have a problem with my neck and found this to be so much better with my Millennium frame and stand.

Do you use both hands with your siesta frame?

Your choice of samplers is so beautiful. I have been drawn to all of your chosen ones.

samplerlover said...

Such a beautiful collection of samplers. Love them all. I also love Florentine Stitch and I love the Pockets.

I did The Tablet sampler last year and it is such a beautiful piece. I was going to give it to my DS and DIL but couldn't part with it. It is a very large piece.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Kevin the sampler that is partly hidden is the Hunting Pocket. It's one that I'm itching to start but I've got too many projects on the go as it is. You're right too about Dorothy Walpole - more florentine again.

Lanie said...

What beautiful purchases you have made! Look forward to following your stitching. So sorry about the neck and shoulder pain. I suffered a pinched nerve in my neck several years ago, still flairs up every now and then. I stitch in hand under a magnifying lamp. This seems to help my posture and kinks in my neck don't set in. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Fiona said...

Your pocket book piece loots really pretty as does all your new stash. Hope you manage to resolve your neck problem.