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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 11 February 2013

More Harriot . . .

Since last time, I finished the attribution, and then went on to stitch the flower basket. That was where the cross stitch part ended.
Now, I am working on the deer which are done freestyle. The first step is to outline the shape in a stem stitch. Then it is filled in with bands of satin stitch.
I admit that I have been finding this challenging! Somehow the whole deer didn't wind up as close to the border as it should have. I hope it does not look too out of shape. This really is harder than it looks!
I guess I have to get in touch with my inner child to get through it! LOL!

I have done some frogging here. It is very hard to keep the bands consistent, and to gauge how much space they will take up. I have just started the second band here. The deer here, represents 4 evenings worth of stitching, so it is a bit of a slow-go here.
Here is a close-up of the deer.

I have a ways to go yet.
Here is the whole thing so far:

Back soon with another update.


Jenny said...

I think your deer looks precious and I applaud you for working in freestyle...I want to try that way of stitching soon...maybe with Sophia's sampler....it looks a little daunting though, but I love to learn new things, that must be the teacher in me..LOL.

Erica said...

Thanks Jenny!

Cindy L said...

Erica, you are doing a wonderful job with the freehand stitching!

Nicola said...

I too applaud you for your freestyle deer. I have yet to pluck up the courage to attempt such a sampler. I will one day though.

Harriot is stunning and will be worth all the hours when she is finished.

Carmen Sutton said...

The deer is awesome, no one would know that you had trouble until you told us! The counted part make it hard to do freestyle because there are not certain holes to go in to.

Solstitches said...

Your sampler looks stunning on that fabric.
I'd be nervous about the deer too but you are doing a great job.

Lanie said...

Erica, I think your deer looks great...I think the entire sampler looks great! This really is stunning on the dark green linen.

Fiona said...

Your deer looks great as does the whole sampler. I think you are so brave to do freestyle.

C Street Samplerworks said...

Super start on your deer, Erica! You'll be finished with Harriot in no time!