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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Millennium Frame - Barbara G

I hope everyone is as enthusiastic about the Millennium Frame as I am. I bought one a number of months ago and have just ordered another size. Everyone should have one even if you already own a zillion others. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better. Tension is everything!

I have finished about two-thirds of Margaret Mason, still awaiting thread to finish Mary Hurst and then I will have to decide on what to do next.

Barbara G.

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Gillie said...

I bought one just before I left the UK and for the small amount I have used it, I have to agree. Not a quick process to buy one though, they accepted my payment, and then nothing. Phone call and email went unanswered until suddenly, maybe 6 weeks later, an email to say frame was on its way! Am thinking of ordering another size now in time for when we come over in August for a family wedding!

Nicola said...

The husband and wife team hand make the frames and have struggled to keep up with demand as word has spread of how brilliant they are. I know before Christmas they were working until Midnight to full fill orders.

If they went into mass machine production the quality may suffer.

The frame is worth the wait .

If ever you are in Somerset you can call to their work shop and see them making the frames.

Kevin said...

I was SO impressed by that video and the reviews given by the people who own the Millenium Frame, that I went right to the site and ordered one! I guess I should have waited to see if I might win one, but this way I'll be sure I'm getting a decent frame with TENSION. Can't wait to get it. Seems they are out of the Necessaire Floor stand that is also highly spoken of, but I can get that at a later time I suppose.

I agree, Nicola - the hand craftsmanship is the key to the quality of these frames, I'm certain. You can see how beautifully they are made in the video. If it will work with the lap stand I bought last year, perfect! But if not, I will make use until I can order the Necessaire Floor stand.

Debbie Bauer said...

I have also ordered a frame. Just got word friday that my order is being processed.So hopefully it will arrive soon. With the canadian $ difference and delivery its a little costly. But if its only half as good as everyone says I( and my husband) will be thrilled. I have had nothing but tension issues. I have tryed 2 roller frames and I am now using a hoop.I was in tears and so upset one evening the next day my husband went out and bought me magnifer glasses and a special light.Stitching is going better now( although I am a slow stitcher) and he gets to watch t.v. without me complaining about my equipment.(poor guy)

Michele said...

Oh gosh I must be the only person in the world who has a Millenium Frame and isn't using it. Don't get me wrong, it is beautifully made, the concept is fantastic, and it really does keep your tension drum tight. The problem is me. I have never been a frame person, but after hearing all the positive feedback, I thought I would try it, but after trying it for a couple of weeks on SDW, I have gone back to my hoop. The frame is sitting on it's stand in the corner of the room. I guess I must just like sewing, screwed up like a prezel!

Jen Troje said...

Are you interested in selling your millennium frame?
if so please contact me at jtroje@gmail.com


Michele said...

Hello Jennifer, no sorry since I posted this I have been using it.