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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Manifesto Update

      It's been too long since I've updated you on my progress with Manifesto. I admire those of you who stick to schedules and update us on a weekly basis. I'm not one of those people and I hope I won't be kicked out the the 'group' for my lack of discipline.

      The sky is taking forever to stitch... but it's well worth the effort. We will have masterpieces when we complete our pieces. But I know it will be a very long time before I'll be celebrating that glorious finish.

      I'm currently taking an on-line course, Cabinets of Curiosities, which is an in-depth study of 17th century embroidery. While waiting for our caskets to become available for purchase I decided to go ahead and start stitching a door panel for my 17th century mirror surround. I've chosen an SL design, Justice, and I'm stitching the design over one in tent stitch on 36 ct. linen. I converted the AVAS silks to the 17th century color palette we are using in our course.

    Here's my start on Justice which is also my first project being stitched on my new Millennium frame and stand.


HollyXSing said...


Your Manifesto is looking great!

I love your "Justice"....

Keep up the stellar work!

-Holly in VA

MoonBeam said...

Laurie -
Great start on the Manifesto. I could never even consider starting a project like that. I admire your courage. Keep up the good work.

How are you liking your Millennium stand? I have frames but no stand, and would like some input.



Nicola said...

Oh Laurie how lovely your Manifesto looks. You have put in so many stitches. I think it is good that we all go at our own pace but share the journey.

I think your idea of using Justice for one of your panels is a nice way of recording your love of Marsha's designs.

Jenny said...

Laurie, your stitching is beautiful as usual. I admire you for taking on Manifesto...it is such a beautiful sampler, but I know it would take me years to complete. That is why I enjoy watching everyone's progress so much...grins...The online class you are taking sounds really interesting. After joining this group I find myself researching information on sampler making. I have really come to enjoy that. Happy Stitching.

Erica near Chicago said...

Laurie, Your Manifesto is wonderful. I'm looking forward to your work on Justice. I used the kit materials, and although the directions include several specialty stitches, I too did mine all in tent stitch. How wonderful that you are able to take embroidered casket class!

Marlene said...

It's lovely.
I love the blues...what colors!
Keep up your progress.

Kielrain said...

Manifesto is looking fantastic.

SallyFr said...

I am so pleased to hear you love your new Millenium stand and frame. I am visiting the stitching show in London in the middle of March and the Needle Needs company will be attending as well. I am hoping to come away with some components.

May I ask how you are supporting your Manifesto fabric? Are you working in hand or are you using your new frame?

I am waiting for some Soie D'Alger threads to arrive for my Manifesto chart, the company now have quite a lot on backorder for some of the needed silk flosses.

My fabric is on order, 36 count, but I do not fancy working on the large size needed by hand.

The cats are banned from even going near my copy of The Manifesto chart.

Deb said...

The Manifesto looks so good. And I love your start on Justice. I know that over one can be time consuming, but the results really are worth it.

Evelyne said...

The Manifesto look wonderful. I love the shades off blue collor!
Happy stitching.

Pat L said...

Congratulations to all of your working on such wonderful pieces of art. I need instant gratification so I appreciate your diligence in working such an amazing piece.

Lanie said...

Laurie, your Manifesto is looking great! And I'm looking forward to seeing "Justice" in the 17th century colors!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...


Your Manifesto is wonderful.
Justice is stunning too.

Cindy L said...

Laurie, I do enjoy seeing your Manifesto progress. Your Justice looks interesting and I will have to look at that pattern again.

Bertie said...

You are going fast with this one Laurie! Love it;)

Kathy said...

Laurie, Both of your samplers are so pretty!! And, I just can't wait to see more progress on Justice. This looks like it's going to be just gorgeous!!

Fiona said...

Manifesto looks amazing, you have put in so many stitches. Looking forward to seeing the 17th Century colour palette you are using for Justice emerge as you progress.