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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Manifesto Sunday Update

Have been stitching away this week... wanted to see the bottom of the left side to turn the corner. Finally there... had a few run ins with the f@@g.... he came to visit and stayed a while... found that I had miscounted and placed the first flower wrong.. so out it came and is now outlined again.. then today if I stitched those 3 leaves on the green vine with the blue flower once I stitched it 10 times.. each time making one tiny little miscount and each time at a different place...geez...at least now it is correct...  :)  so now for the rest of the day will be going back and filling in.. enough counting for one day.. so without further ado.. her is Miss Manifesto:

I really do hope everyone that is working on this project is having as much fun as I am stitching this (despite my miscount and visit from you know who)  But I can tell you this is gonna be one LONG project  cause this gal is really big.. Huge.. gigantic or any other word you want to use to describe her. Also hope everyone in the northeast has weathered the storm okay.. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you <3


Kaisievic said...

It is looking good and that frog prince sure gets around as he visits my place regularly!

Katherine said...

Sometimes we stitchers just have to kiss a few frogs to make progress. Looks great!

Donna said...

Your manifesto looks great now don't be getting any ideas about send that frog to me :) I did use the wrong color in 2 places but I'm not changing it

Nicola said...

Superb Karen, you should be chuffed with how much you have achieved. You are flying the flag on this one.

Fiona said...

The more I see progress on Manifesto, the more I want to stitch it. It looks truly stunning, so far I am resisting as I have vowed to save money this year and only stitch from my stash. Although as it is also my Scarlet Letter year, maybe I will buy myself a birthday gift in April.

HollyXSing said...

Love it, KB! I am thrilled to be stitching with you again! Just like old times;)

I'm afraid you will be done well before I will. I am sticking to Nicola's SAL of one day a week...Sundays for me!

With you retired, I bet you will have this done next month!

Keep up the good work,