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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 1 February 2013

Manifesto - A Question Answered

Question to Marsha:-

Quite a few of us are going to be stitching Manifesto and there are several who have not stitched a pictorial before. Do you have any tips about how such a project should be approached and order of stitching. Should any special consideration be given to type of linen etc.,

Marsha's answer:-

My approach to starting a pictorial, especially one of this magnitude, is to outline as many of the shapes as possible in black/brown. I began in the upper left corner, stitching the top and left outline in this color, then working my way down to the outline of the sun, then the bird below that. To break up the tedium and to satisfy our need for color, the clouds to the right of the sun could be filled in; but I tend to be a very cautious worker, and I want to make certain that all of the elements are in the right position before going further. Frogging is a dangerous and frustrating way to waste precious stitching time.

Some of the features are outlined in black, or black avocado green---they all constitute outlines. Once the ghost of the picture is done it's a lot of fun to go back and start coloring it in, watching it come to life.

I believe this is how the original pictures were executed from those I've seen partially finished: the professional artist drew the design onto the fabric, the figures were first outlined, and then finally filled in.

Thank you Marsha, I will be following your advice.

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Elizabeth said...

I found this so interesting Marsha...thank you so much for sharing. I agree about frogging...a place not to go!

Stitch Wizard said...

Yes I found it really interesting as well. I want this one so badly but will have to wait for financial reasons. I love it and want to do it so much!! Since it is a solid stitched project, I wonder if one color of fabric is better than most to use. Everything but dark colors I would think.

Donna said...

I do believe I've started off correctly..will there be a seperate sal site for Manifesto

Kaisievic said...

Oh, my God - I have to have this one! But I do not think that I can do it on 40 count linen. My eyes are just not up to it. Maybe a 32 count - although that will make it big!

Krista said...

Thank you for the advice. Can't wait to start this one!

KB said...

Thanks Marsha for the advice... I think I have started out on the right path.. and thank you for such an awesome design.. I love it!!

Donna said...

Marsha I love the format of the chart easy to read page form 10 stitch count at the top and side

KB said...

Oh I totally agree with Donna.. this chart is so easy to read...great format.. so far a real joy to work with.

Mindi said...

Great advice! I bet once all the outlines are done, its pretty fast stitching to just fill in and not have to count as much. I'm looking forward to seeing all the progress pictures.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the advice on how to go about stitching a pictorial. Especially good to know for stitching something this big. Bet you were a happy camper when you put the last stitch in. I know I would be for sure!!!! Beautiful sampler you designed and stitched.

Colleen of SC said...

Marsha, why did you choose to reproduce the sampler in full cross stitch vs. tent stitch as was used in the original? Do you have an opinion on the final outcome of the piece if one uses tent stitch vs full cross?

woolwoman said...

very interesting and helpful info Marsha - I'd love to have this beauty but I'm afraid it would just be another SL in the "wanna do" stack. Thanks Melody

Nicola said...

A reply to Collen of SC from Marsha

Hello Colleen,

The "Manifesto" is my design, not a reproduction. I was inspired by two C18th needlework pictures in private collections, took the best that I could find from both, used my own design instinct and put this together. It was my choice to stitch over two on 40 count linen. The graph gives instructions for stitching it in tent stitch over one.


Colleen of SC said...

Thank you, Marsha, for the insight into your creative process. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my chart and cannot wait to get started!