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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Letter by letter

Jane Rees finally got put in some Qsnaps and clamped to my Lowery stand.  I also had to pull out the magnifier to work on the 40 count Ricamo.  My eyes just can't handle it without a magnifier (my old glasses prescription might also be a factor).

Jane Rees on 40 ct Ricamo linen with
HDF Gandy Dance silk floss

Even thought I took this photo while Jane was still on the frame, you can still see I've made it all the way across the top; considerable progress from the last photo posted.  Long ways to go though, which is why I'm just taking this letter by letter.  As much as I love Jane, she's sort of like doing homework.  I don't exactly love the stitching process with her.  I think it might be the fabric.


Nicola said...

She looks beautiful Mindi, do you intend having another sampler to run along side her to give you some variety?

KB said...

Oh Mindi.. Jane looks wonderful.. I stitched her a few years ago and it was alot of fun...And what a great combination 40 ct Ricamo and gandy dancer... 2 of my favs!!

Marlene said...

Wow that's beautiful
I love the style of lettering.
Keep up the momentum.

MoonBeam said...

This is beautiful! Love the lettering and the color that you are using.

Don't get discouraged...maybe try different forms of magnification and/or better lighting.

She's lovely.


Kielrain said...

Your Jane is looking so pretty. I just love the red!

Lanie said...

Mindi, your Jane Rees is wonderful ... love that red!

Cindy L said...

Mindi, your Jane is coming along beautifully! Since I started stitching with a magnifier I depend on it now to see how my stitches lay.

Fiona said...

Pretty alphabet. Taking it one letter at a time it will be done in no time:)