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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 10 February 2013

I got a name, I got a name...

Hello everyone, Tortoise here! :)

Here are some updates to Leo, he's somewhat bashful at the moment, as you will see...

This is what I stitched on 1/21/13. I felt so proud. Then the dreaded lapse happened - you know the one - the one where Real Life gets in the way. Egads!

So here we are as of yesterday, 2/9/13.

I kept singing over and over again in my head, Jim Croce's I got a name...but that is the only line I can recall! LOL How sad, as I loved Jim Croce. And I really am loving this stitch along. So much fun. I plan on stitching  some more today, to catch up on my agenda. (Stitching 1 hour every Saturday and Sunday, as I do want to get other WIP's desperately done.)

I also love how this is like a coloring book, stitching the outlines then filling in. I find it very enjoyable, and I am willing to guess everyone stitching the Manifesto will have just as much fun doing it this way. :) One must ask, what is the stitch count of Manifesto? I presume it is larger than Dutch Beauty in size right? :D

And maybe I can ask all of your help in this endeavor that I am also doing. I am "attempting" to stitch practice wise, all the stitches that the Scarlet Letter patterns use. I know of the Queen Stitch, which I am excited to try. But what else is there? Rice Stitch, Eyelet, Satin, Montenegrin... Can anyone else name them, or even our dear Marsha has a list somewhere of all the stitches she has in the patterns over the years? Of course, the ulterior motive is not only to expand my pathetic stitching repertoire, but to be able to do the stitches necessary for the patterns to be completed and to also, dare I say, stitch a needlework casket like those of Thistle Needle. I shan't say more, I fear I may burst all your cc's to the max. (Haven't used mine yet, thankfully - the budget simply isn't there!)

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H


Fiona said...

Great progress on Leo.

Katherine said...

Wish I could put "time in a bottle" for you so you could get your silks sooner! Nice progress!

Nicola said...

Manifesto's stitch count is 600 x 380. Funnily enough I measured my DB today and Manifesto is very similar in size.

Leo is coming on well Jennifer.

Jennifer H said...


600 x 380! wowza...LOL I have Dutch Beauty in my stash, but no fabric as of yet. :D

I love the look of Manifesto, but just don't want another large BAP in my stash to torment me. DB does that enough, and it doesn't have such solid stitching which is very appealing to someone who can be lazy at times...Of course, you didn't hear me say that! LOL

Fiona, thank you for the inspiration to keep going. I did stitch some more today, will have to post progress pics later this week, mayhap next Sunday.

Katherine, I am using DMC for Leo, and will also use them for Rosa and Domus.

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

Scarlet Letter said...

Darlene O'Steen's book "The Proper Stitch" has all of the stitch diagrams you'll ever need in order to complete reproduction samplers. I'm told it's in limited edition but I still have a few copies and I highly recommend it!