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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Harriot's Goofy Deer are finished

This was not without problems however.
Sometime after starting the second deer, I noticed that the dye lot was different. The deer on the right is actually a lot brighter than the one on the left.
I am hoping that it is not too noticeable.
I can't help but think these look like cartoon deer! I don't think they had cartoons back in Harriot's day, but these guys certainly have a Disney-esque quality to them! I think it's the eyes.

One of them turned out to be a bit larger than the other. Not sure how that happened.
Oh well. I am certainly not going to do them over again!

I started working on the flowers. They are also done freestyle. I am not having any easier time with these, but atleast, the vines and leaves aren't quite as obvious when you mess up!

I have a ways to go. I have the center floral motif, and then the left motif to do yet. After that, I will go on to do the grass.

Here is how it looks so far.

I love seeing all your projects, and I am so grateful to Nicola for bringing us all together this way!


Katherine said...

I can't see the difference in the color, it may be more obvious in person. Great work!

Nicola said...

I can't either. I think this is such a charming sampler.

C Street Samplerworks said...

Erica, I'm so excited to see your completed deer--they look wonderful! I don't notice any difference in the color, and as for the size, remember in nature, no two deer are exactly alike. (At least I assume they're not!)

Congratulations on getting past the deer--I'm sure the rest will be a piece of cake!

Peace & Love,

Lanie said...

Erica I love your deer ... I think one is a boy and the other his special girl ... how's that?!! This is such a charming sampler.

Lanie said...

And yes I do know female deer don't have antlers but I'm sticking with my version of the story! 😉

EvalinaMaria said...

Looks absolutely lovely!

Erica said...

Thanks for all your wonderful encouragement!
I am just taking the stance that deer do look differnt in nature.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Fiona said...

I can't notice the difference in the deer and they really do look a bit like Bambi.

Dianne said...

The deer have a winsomeness to them that add to the sampler's charm enormously - I love them! I'll look forward to seeing more of your progress.