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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Faerie Queene Feb Update Two by Kaye

I managed to get lots of stitching done on the Faerie Queene yesterday while the light was really good.  I am so pleased to have added the blue to the design - it contrasts well with the browns, dark green and creams.  Whilst satin stitching is not really my thing, it is quick and I think that it has come up okay.  What do you all think?

Before yesterday:

Latest progress:

Is there anyone else doing this design? I sometimes find the chart/instructions a bit unclear.  At the moment at the centre of the flower on the right the chart has a symbol which is not on the key - so I am unsure what I am supposed to cross stitch there.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Love seeing what everyone else is doing - so many gorgeous projects and so many talented stitchers!



Katherine said...

Sorry Kaye, I'm not stitching this one, but your progress looks wonderful. Good luck deciphering that code.

Nicola said...

The combination of the blue and satin stitch is stunning Kaye. You have made lots of progress.

Fiona said...

Great progress and another stunning design to tempt me. I love seeing everyone's progress, but my resolve to stitch only from my stash is getting shakey.

Scarlet Letter said...

The flower centers, all three, are filled in with French knots randomly using colors 132/959 and 2241/676. The number 4 inside the flower center refers to instruction 4. Does this help you?