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Monday, 18 February 2013

A New Tiny Start

Hi Everyone,

Back from a week in Sonoma...what can I say?  The weather was gorgeous -- up to 70 during the day and deep blue skies.  The Spa at the hotel was fabulous!  I am so ready for SPRING.  And, I have bulbs coming up in my garden with buds...but we had snow squalls again today.  Oh well, Winter in the Philadelphia area -- gotta love it.

I left PLL (Petunia) at home and took Pincushion and Bird in Bough with me to CA.  So little stitching was accomplished that I really shouldn't show it, but perhaps I'll shame myself into doing more?  Here is my very tiny start on Pincushion:
The dark background is actually the very dark navy blue velvet that came with the kit.  I purchased the kit 20+ years ago when visiting Scarlet Letter.  I still have the wool from Marsha's sheep to stuff my pincushion.  The fabric is a 25 count linsey woolsey and I'm stitching in the sillk threads provided over one.  The fabric is much softer than regular linen, and I'm finding that a tad difficult.  But, I shall persevere!!  Here is a close-up:

Bird in Bough traveled with me but didn't see the light of day (or moon light).

I did manage to put a few stitches into Petunia's feathers last night, but not sufficient to merit a picture.  I leave again next Saturday for North Carolina and then Florida -- two business meetings...but starting off the weekend with my best friend (for 48 years!!) in NC.  This week will be crazy at work, so not too much stitching will be done for the next two weeks.  I'll take Pincushion with me, but my main problem in California (other than adjusting to the time zone) was the poor lighting in my hotel room.  I imagine it will be the same in NC and FL...days taken up with meetings; cocktail parties and dinners in the evening; and then poor lighting in the hotel.

I'll check in again when I am back home.  I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's progress.  And, Evalina -- I hope my Pincushion will turn out as beautiful as yours has.


Jenny said...

Any start, no matter how small, is a good start ! Have safe travels.

Nicola said...

Maybe you could buy a daylight lamp that would be suitable to travel with. If you travel a lot it would be a good investment. I could not stitch without mine.

The pincushion is going to be amazing. I fell in love with it from Evalina's posts.

Lanie said...

Sonoma is one my favorite places. Was there several years ago ... definitely want to go back! How wonderful to have wool from Marsha's sheep for your pincushion! I am in love with this sweet design.

EvalinaMaria said...

It looks lovely! For me that little light motif under the crown was the most difficult motif to stitch. The color of the floss blends with the color of linen. All the rest was easy. I have a tiny little clip-on light for my travels (http://www.123stitch.com/cgi-perl/itemdetail.pl?item=MB-60512). It works very well.

Fiona said...

You did great with bad lighting. I'm with Nicola maybe a travel OTT light or similiar would be a worthwhile purchase.