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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Stitching preferences

Where and when do you like to stitch?  Do you use a hoop, a frame, a magnifier, special lights?  Mornings? Evenings?  Tea is always a bit dangerous, as is Diet Coke which I keep in a glass well away from my work.  I tend to twist myself into a knot in order to see without a magnifier, and I've used the same hoop since I was eight years old.  My mother gave it to me.


The Inspired Stitcher said...

I usually stitch on the couch at home with my Ott-lite over my right shoulder. If the weather is warm, I stitch on the patio. Sometimes I use a Q-snap and sometimes in hand depending on the linen. I stitch mostly in the evenings and on my lunch hour as often as I can. I try to stitch everyday even if only for a little while. I miss it if I don't.

Scarlet Letter said...

Daylight is best! The wee girls who stitched these certainly didn't work by candle light.

Miss Pants said...

Oh I love these types of questions...

I always use a Q-snap. I have an Ott-lite upstairs and downstairs, so I can stitch in the living room or in bed. Talk about cozy! And I like to listen to audiobooks while I stitch, two for one.

I mostly stitch at night and if I have some down time when my little girl is napping.

Vera said...

Hi Marsha,

I stitch in hand. I'm not much for stitching outside (usually too buggy). Mostly I stitch in my kitchen...I can have the chart, threads, scissors, etc. on the table close at hand...and I don't like TV which my husband usually has on in the livingroom. Sometimes I have the jazz station playing in the background. I try to stitch some every night and then early in the morning with my coffee before I have to get ready for work. Weekends -- any time (once errands and chores are completed...or sometimes instead of errands and chores).

Lady Jane said...

I love to look at hand work. Oh to be able to wrap myself up like a pretzle again, lol. You do wonderful work.

EvalinaMaria said...

What a lovely settings you have there!

I stitch mostly inside by my little desk by the window. I have a clip-on day light lamp with a magnifier. I do not use the magnifier often but the lamp is on always. I like my scroll rods for medium size projects and q-snaps for small or very large pieces. I love to listen to audio books while stitching. I usually stitch very early in the morning before leaving to work and later after supper.

Krista said...

How nice you look all set up in the beautiful outside enjoying your stitching. I usually stitch sitting on my couch while watching/listening to television. I used to stitch in hand but was finding that the fabric tended to shift on the diagonal bias. So I like using a hoop now, and also at times a frame and stand.

Gabi said...

You live at a beautiful place Marsha. The picture reminds me somehow of France. Are that vineyards in the background?
The way I stitch depends on what I stitch. For samplers I like to use scroll frames and floor stand. For these I sit inside with a day light lamp and most times a magnifier as well. At home I usually stitch in the evenings.
When going out and about , or stitching smaller pieces, I do use a wooden hoop. And sit anywhere.

Angie Burrett said...

Hello Marsha: I usually stitch by the log fire in the living room in the evening, with a good light over my shoulder. Living in England it is usually too wet to sit outside and sew, but on the rare dry sunny summer day I can be found on our porch sewing away with some lovely music in the backgroud. If I wake up early I sometimes sew in bed as I have a great light above me and I plump myself with pillows and cuddle under a patchwork quilt - great on a cold dull wet morning! If I am lucky I might even be treated to a cup of tea!!

Elizabeth said...

I stitch sitting in my chair in the sitting with a good light behind me. Other times I sit at the dining room table - mostly in the daytime. At present I am using a hoop.

brod'attitude said...

I like to stitch early in the morning when the house is sleeping, with a cup of tea. (I have had only one time a accident with my tea). I stitch always with a hoop.

Nicola said...

My favourite set up to stitch is in my comfy armchair in front of the wood burner with Blue and Poppy close by. I can watch the tides ebb and flow in the cove below from here too.

I have my Millennium frame and stand with my daylight lamp and magnifier, although I rarely use the magnifier now I have glasses for sewing. I like the lamp to be in front of the stand so that there are no shadows cast over the fabric.

My threads are in floss-away bags hooked onto my stand. I have a photocopy of the symbols clipped to the lamp stand.

In the tray of the lamp stand I have scissors, thread catcher, thimble, tubes of needles and a rubber.

I use the white rubber only to gently remove any fluff left on the fabric if I have unpicked some stitching or when doing pulled thread.

I have found the tray very useful for holding my ipad and I can keep up to speed with emails. I listen to an audio book via the ipad and sometimes watch/listen to a TV or radio programme.

On the side table I have my wooden spool caddy/pin cushion (see monthly draw for February 2013. The side table has lots of drawers which hold my sewing equipment/spare silks/accessories and a few sweets!!

Now an accident with a mug of tea and a three quarters completed Dutch Beauty is a story for another day. It was a lesson learnt the hard way.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I stitch my larger pieces in the evening and everything has to be set up right, equipment on the coffee table, stitching in hand, blanket round my legs!
During the day I'm a Martini Girl - any time, any place, anywhere! I stitch smalls and can stitch standing up, sitting on the floor of the bathroom, while preparing tea, in the garden, in the hall at preschool, on a train (never on a bus or car though).
I would love a chair next to Marsha in that photo, as long as there aren't two boys leaping about in the background digging up the garden LOL.

HollyXSing said...

I stitch in hand which may eventually change due to stiffness in my hands. I stitch on my comfy sofa in the TV room under my verilux lamp. I wear my 1.75 maginfying glasses! I use my lamp all the time, day or night. I say I watch tv, but I usually just listen. My favorite to listen to are sports, old movies and NCIS tv shows.

I do drink while stitching, but I keep my cup a far piece from my linen!

Happy Stitches,

-Holly in VA

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love to read how other stitchers work - we are all so different. I've always stitched using siesta bars which are ultra light but recently I've been trying to stitch in hand and I've been surprised at how much I've enjoyed it.

Deb said...

Oh, I would love to stitch where you're stitching! I stitch in a leather chaise lounge (had to buy it just for my stitching). It's in our family room, although with my husband's TV tastes I wish I had put it somewhere else. I stitch only in the evenings with an Ott light, scroll rods and a magnifier if needed.

Brenda in WI said...

Great picture Marsha. I envy you. I usually stitch on my sofa with scroll bars or a hoop. I also use reading glasses and a magnifier and an ott lamp. I have been thinking of getting a floor frame. That would be nice. In the summer I usually sit out on my patio and stitch - I usually watch TV (or listen to it) while I am stitching. As I am retired I usually stitch in the AM and afternoons.

Mary said...

My favorite time for stitching is in the early morning, when things ae quiet and I don't have the distractions that inevitably come along later in the day. However, the reality is that most of my stitchng gets done in the evening after work. No matter what time it happens, good light is essential, so my trusty Dazor has to be on hand.

Jennifer H said...


I think I am jealous! What a great photo of you, and your lovely countryside - for a minute there, I thought it had been taken in Europe somewhere, so pretty!

I can see that you are working on one of your new patterns - I recognized it from a previous post of yours.

You also look so comfortable there, in your chair - I could sit like that, but too many bugs in the summer for me to really enjoy it - I'd like to have a screened in porch/sunroom someday for just that!

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

Fiona said...

I stitch in the evenings after dinner. I sit in the sitting room with the TV on, my stitching in front of me and my daylight lamp on. All my threads, scissors and chart are on the sofa beside me, I take up two seats. The weather is never that great that I can go outside to stitch, but occasionally in the summer I will sit in the back garden.

Scarlet Letter said...

My preference is daylight, mid to late afternoon, near a window in this cruel Wisconsin climate most of the year. Audio books provide tremendous inspiration, and it's interesting that so many of you use them as well. (Currently "reading" A Peach for Father Francis.) I don't have a television, even if I did how can you follow a graph, stitch, and keep looking at a screen?
Born double-jointed so I can hold a graph between my toes and still read it without glasses at a distance of about fourteen inches.
Photo taken in the garden of a castle near Barbarossa, Venetia, near my dear one's ancestral family home- Castelgomberto.