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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 21 January 2013

Updating Ann

Here's the latest on my version of Ann Grimshaw, though a few bumps in the road have slowed progress down.

I was going great guns on her right up until I noticed the center star in the far left medallion is off by a linen thread.  Rats, I can't live with it, so the goof has got to come out at some point.  As a cooling off period, I started in on the ivy bunch on the right.
There's a rather dramatic difference in the dye lots for the Silk 'n Colors I'm using.  I've decided to use the darker one as an accent on certain medallions and alphabet letters, with the lighter skeins for the majority of them.  I think it will all pull together in the completed piece.     


Deb said...

It's looking wonder!! I like the varigations in the flosses you are using.

Krista said...

it is looking wonderful, Mary!!

Lanie said...

This is looking great, Mary! I am quite fond of Ann Grimshaw and am looking forward to your progress with this lovely silk color.

Faye said...

Beautiful! !!!

Jon Lee said...

This is a beautiful sampler. I love the variegated greens. I find it so interesting in looking at everyone's samplers, that the same ones look different with the varying fabrics and threads.

Mindi said...

I love how you're using the different dyelots of Finnegan's Fog. I have some of it, and my dyelot leans toward the darker blue, looking different than both of your dyelots. Interesting how floss colors change over the years.

Fiona said...

Beautiful shades in your threads. I think it looks gorgeous.