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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Updates on Country Life and Mary Gail

All I wanted to do over the holidays was to stitch.  In my spare moments that is what I was doing.  It was like I was obsessed.
Country Life is so long.  I tried stitching without a hoop, then a hoop.  I found I had too much fabric hanging on on side.  I rolled it up and pinned it.  Then I tried EZ stitch frames but couldn't get the tension tight enough.  I'm thinking about buying the millennium frames but do not know if I can get that much fabric rolled on the frame.  I changed out some of the colurs, a motif in the border and gave the house a half brick fence.
Mary Gail now has her head.  It's tedious doing one over one but I am enjoying it for now.
I enjoy reading the blog to see what everyone is doing.  I've seen such a variety of SL samplers, a lot I don't remember seeing in her catalog.  I wonder how many she has charted over the years.
Happy Stitching.
Martha S.


Deb said...

Both of them look wonderful. Mary Gail is on the top of my list when I finish the one I'm working on!! You're making great progress.

Lanie said...

Oh.My.Goodness Martha...Mary Gail is just the sweetest! My husband and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary this year and I do believe I must stitch a Mary Gail to commemorate! The Country Life has always been one of my favorites...so glad to see you stitching it as well.

Tommye said...

Amazing work, Martha. Love The Country Life!

Nicola said...

Stunning Martha.

I swear by the Millennium frame. When I was doing alphabets I had six foot of linen rolled up and there was no loss of tension whatsoever, I also had a layer of quilting wadding rolled up over the surface embroidery to protect the charms and beads.

Gabi said...

What beautiful work. Love both samplers. Mary is on ,y wish list too

Ruth said...

Beautiful work.

Merry Wind Farm said...

This is going to be a beautiful sampler. I have used the same wood hoop from Marsha for years, I think it is an English one. I even stitched the enormous Dutch Beauty using this hoop.


Michele said...

I love this one and had to have it and it arrived yesterday. Not sure if it will make an appearance this year due me seeming to order the entire collection of SL! So looking forward to seeing your progress. Lovely stitching x

Fiona said...

Your stitching looks great. I have a Millenium frame and would recommend it for large projects, I use it in conjuntion with the Necessaire floor stand.

Inguna said...

Both are lovely!